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  1. SeveredHead

    YouTube Cash Cow Channel DFY Service : Make Passive Income With Faceless YouTube Videos

    If you are still giving samples I would love one. Also, do you have an affiliate program or a white labeling service?
  2. SeveredHead

    Hostwinds Review - AVOID like the plague

    This is interesting. I've been using them for years and while I wouldn't stand on a hill and shout their name, they've been pretty straightforward and kind to me.
  3. SeveredHead

    BTC just hit 4.5k: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

    I'd like it to drop into oblivion. Wash out all the fakes, buy back in and watch it rise steadily. I remember when it was $23. I missed my opportunity then lol
  4. SeveredHead

    Best place to upload images which shows visitor count?

    Imgur is the way to go. I've done millions of views on there.
  5. SeveredHead

    Twitch Viewers Bot

    Anyone else try this?
  6. SeveredHead

    MyLikes altervnative for Twitter?

    Wait... Mylikes is back?
  7. SeveredHead

    I have a great reddit idea! It can be huge if done right.

    Build it within some sort of a niche and you may have something. As it will eventually gain traction and we can just upvote each others content lol
  8. SeveredHead

    Facebook Video Ad Breaks stuck under review for days

    Same issue. It has been getting better. Do you have a link to your content?
  9. SeveredHead

    Fuck No!!! $50/week Clickbank account gone!

    "What did we do?" Honestly mate... a lot lol Sorry for your loss. You live and you learn. Create another account and get offers from elsewhere I guess.
  10. SeveredHead

    Quality Facebook accounts for professional advertising and marketing: any country, any age, any sex

    Do you have Swedish accounts? Also, can this work with an app like face dominator? How will I add the cookies if I'm using an app?
  11. SeveredHead

    [Alert] Don’t check domain availability with Godaddy

    I always suspected this and I'm not surprised.
  12. SeveredHead

    Twitter Masters

    Are they any twitter masters here? Anyone that can provide retweets to large networks? I had a person for it once and I lost their contact. They retweeted me out to millions of people. Also, are Tweetdecks officially dead? Or are there people still doing that? I feel like the talk around...
  13. SeveredHead

    Facebook algorithm changed recently?

    Yes, they officially announced it the other day and my page is getting tanked.
  14. SeveredHead

    Facebook Upvote and downvote feature for comment finally launched..! Big change

    I've been seeing it in some places but has this been fully implemented yet?
  15. SeveredHead

    Dr. Reddit - Reddit Upvotes, Accounts, Front Page Guaranteed, Backlinks, Subreddit Creation

    This is a great service. I used it twice already and it has worked for me boosting my traffic. I would suggest it to anyone.
  16. SeveredHead

    **{ DEAD CHEAP }} ** SHUTTERSTOCK Images,Vector, Music & Video Footage(s)

    Great! I'm just curious how you can get 88% off?! Sounds amazing.