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  1. jasmspen

    Need help getting $2k out of Limited (for over a year) Paypal account after more than a year

    I will gladly pay upfront or a larger percentage of the total if someone can help because I have basically given up on the money. Back story is this is actual items I sold from my home on ebay. I bought a stealth account because my laziness in the past got me bad feedback. This isn't your...
  2. jasmspen

    Client wants entire Better Business Bureau listing removed. Suggestions?

    Easier to get it moved but you can't just log in and update your addy on their site. You need to update it with the Secretary of State. Thats where they get their data from and their system catches changing the address to another country or state without addressing the source of their data first.
  3. jasmspen

    Google link removal.

    will you take deals on a per link basis sherb?
  4. jasmspen

    ★BUBBLETRAFFIC★ Send high retention traffic anywhere. SoundCloud, Dailymotion, etc.

    ok been using your product for a couple weeks-tell me what I am doing wrong since I see nothing ---scratch that I see a huge rise in impressions which has actually lowered my CTR and hurt my two sites I tried. Had a CTR that has held steady at 1% for a couple years and now its .12%--with the...
  5. jasmspen

    Google Search Console Doesn't Seem to Show BH "Clicks" on Queries

    Tried nearly every traffic seller on Fiverr (more than 2 dozen sellers)--nada PandaBot--nada BubbleTraffic-nada Not thinking this Amazon Turk (or one of the mystery clickfarms I've heard about) thing may be the way to go but never set up a gig there---would very much appreciate any help one...
  6. jasmspen

    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily

    apologies that you thought my compliment to their services was somehow all about you. I actually can't even figure out how you connected me thanking @secondeye about you. Or how me giving them a public compliment is rude enough to warrant you to publicly correct me. Stick to computers bud. I...
  7. jasmspen

    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily

    purchased paypal docs in the past and can attest if you have a problem using their docs then you did something wrong-- @secondeye needing something very unique but within your skill set--will private message you the details if given the approval first to do so---(according to the rules of this...
  8. jasmspen

    Going to try this ORM method:

    its not anything I've tried but given your problem of needing original pics why not buy old family photos by the thousand off ebay. Not saying its not weird they are on there but that takes care of your problem. Just need to hire someone to scan them all in or buy commercial grade scanner off...
  9. jasmspen

    Any Idea What causes Image Pack Numbers to Fluctuate So Much

    Apologies if this is question is not in the right place...But I have a site that is moving between 12 and 1 image packs on a regular basis. The odd thing is the ranks aren't moving for the keywords and the site ranks in the number 1 spot in google for over 40 keywords. So is it that image...
  10. jasmspen

    Insane Google Ranker

    paid over 24 hours ago and submitted 4 cases and still now download link---hopefully posting here is more motivating--- 19U40146FB736481V--paypal ID--need download link still---never got any email to create an account on your site as well so directing me there again won't help as a place to...
  11. jasmspen

    PandaBot.Net Free SEO Software for Websites, YouTube Videos and Social Media

    a week of non-stop running and GA says zero clicks while PB says hundreds--could have settings incorrect perhaps
  12. jasmspen

    Imgur - Be on the front page of the 12th most visited site in the U.S.

    can this be used to get an image to rank near the top of google images for a particular keyword?
  13. jasmspen

    Going to try this ORM method:

    You can get endless real pics in huge lots on eBay...May need to grab a high-speed pic scanner or drop them off at Walgreens but you won't run into copyright or duplicate issues
  14. jasmspen

    [Be A Boss] GG's World-Class Editorial Publications from Forbes, Lifehack etc

    send me pricelist for interviews and guest post please
  15. jasmspen

    GET your Brand Mentioned on Top Magazine and News Site FORBES, Inc, Huff, Entrepreneur etc

    looking for interview postings on high DA sites--links aren't important --can you send me what you can do
  16. jasmspen

    Trusted Editorial Publications - Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more high DA sites. [Payment after completion]

    which publications are geared more toward a full article or interview rather than links?
  17. jasmspen

    Random ORM idea I wanted to kick around with the best group of experts on the planet

    I first want to thank you for taking a look at the idea and just say its amazing to have access to a resource like this and be able to learn from the best in world. This may be a thing that everyone already knows and if so please forgive me as I am just a novice. The Main Problem to Solve...
  18. jasmspen

    Should I Make Pranks in Dubai?

    pretend to be a woman with an opinion