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  1. shalini1981

    Forgot to renew domain and site lost rankings

    Yes , You can recover by hosting support and renew it . then again you get back your ranking in 1-2 weeks.
  2. shalini1981

    Need Website Designed

    do have APIs of these games ?
  3. shalini1981

    Need Website Designed

    Yes , I can build like this site with all related features with unique design & easy to use admin panel to manage the site by you . I added you on skype sparshwebcoder to discuss more about the site . Regards
  4. shalini1981

    I need my Bootstrap, HTML to Wordpress converted

    Hello, I have 8 years wordpress webdevelopment experience.i will convert your website into wordpress. you can more discuss on skype sparshwebcoder Regards
  5. shalini1981

    Need an Wordpress Designer.

    sure , I am streaming webdevelopment expert and recently developed the streaming website in condiegnator but also build in wordpress
  6. shalini1981

    How to attach an admin page to my website?

    Yes i can help you but first confirm on which platform running your site ? if like wordpress or other ? please confirm or you can more discuss on skype sparshwebcoder Thanks
  7. shalini1981

    Cheap Wordpress host for small website

    Yes , Currently i am also using Bluehost I have 10 years good experience to use Bluehost hosting services , You can try this with cheap rates :-
  8. shalini1981

    Please advice cheap and RELIABLE hosting for multiple landing pages!

    I have 10 years good experience to use Bluehost hosting services , You can try this with cheap rates :-
  9. shalini1981

    Hi BHW friends

    Hi I want to work and earn via BHW but nt much familier by this working process and getting job process .I have 8 years webdevelopment / online services experience . Thanks to all
  10. shalini1981

    Virtual Assistant

    Please explain me your job requirement on skype sparshwebcoder
  11. shalini1981

    Looking for professional Website coder, something like Ebay

    I have 8 years design and development experienced and build for you ecommerce / deals site to sell / bid the products online as like Ebay.Please discuss more about requirement on skype sparshwebcoder
  12. shalini1981

    Need photoshop expert!

    Ready to update immediately .please send me image and your budget price ? or discuss on skype sparshwebcoder
  13. shalini1981

    need a guy design A Logo

    Yes , I am ready to design urgently.Please sen me details in pm or discuss more on skype sparshwebcoder
  14. shalini1981

    Need a few images vectorized

    yes i am experienced and ready to start the work immediately.Please provide me images and other details . price is as per your budget.
  15. shalini1981

    Need a Logo design

    yes i will design the logo in your budget , please explain all design details on skype sparshwebcoder
  16. shalini1981

    I need someone to do an hour's worth of copying and pasting.

    Yes please , start discussion on skyps sparshwebcoder
  17. shalini1981

    2 minute job, $5 in your paypal account. Prefer USA

    Please explain more on skype sparshwebcoder
  18. shalini1981

    Looking for SMTP setup service/service

    Yes please discuss on to start the work on skype sparshwebcoder