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  1. Cool Zero

    Youtube ALGO Change January 29th?

    Can you translate mc? I can't figure out what the niche is :) If your competitors also have a loss of traffic then I wouldn't worry. In my niche this happens once a year (but not 0 :)
  2. Cool Zero

    How much are you making on Youtube in 2021? [SCREENSHOTS ONLY]

    Among 12 months for comparison, you chose the worst. Guys who show their earnings with a few dollars. My respect to you, the most difficult thing is not to give up at the beginning, to start with 0 and get at least 1$. Then everything will be easier Been there done that
  3. Cool Zero

    Exploit the Youtube Algorithm.

    The community tab worked when it was possible to add a video and this was shown to many subscribers. In this way, I gave a lot of traffic to the old popular videos and they again got to the main page gaining views. What is told in this long film is complete sht. I know a stronger glitch with...
  4. Cool Zero

    Thank you everyone for ruining the youtube copyright earning system.

    Soon I'll have half a million. Tell me why I need Vip if I earn only on YouTube?
  5. Cool Zero

    Youtube won't be happy if you knew these

    What a shit this topic is. I started making fun of the author but then erased everything I wrote. TS isn't even worth this attention.
  6. Cool Zero

    nobody answers this question. multiple people have the same problem.

    @speedyallan77 judging by the fact that you showed your small minecraft YouTube channel. Is it possible to judge that it is difficult to get into this niche even using your bh methods?
  7. Cool Zero

    nobody answers this question. multiple people have the same problem.

    I don't understand why you're complaining again. You use black methods, after a while YouTube discovers this and cuts off your income. What is the problem? You have already earned, continue to create new channels. I haven't seen such problems with those who do everything with white methods. No...
  8. Cool Zero

    YT is down. all legit live channels with real viewers have none, yet viewers on chilledcow are still 20k, another proof of botting

    I hope they checked the info about bots and soon all these tens of thousands of streams will be closed
  9. Cool Zero

    how to upload video with mass spam like this?

    he asks you not to do it, because he's already doing it :D
  10. Cool Zero

    algorithm luck!?

    About the attempt to ban the channel, he is telling the truth, it is not real now. The only way I know is to buy very cheap views on adwords. The currency should not be the dollar, if you understand what it is for. You need 2-4K$per month. But this isn't his method. He has something with bot...
  11. Cool Zero

    What's a good thumbnail generator? I mean the one with people's images on?

    You're funny. All you can get on Fiverr for 5-15$ is this preview from "pro".
  12. Cool Zero

    Tips & Suggests

    Can you share where you found this designer?
  13. Cool Zero

    Youtube Straming: OBS Image Gallery duration/sync problem + Advanced Scene Switcher plugin

    2 core and 4 gb Ram? I tried to run a stream on Vultr with the same parameters and it was almost a slideshow. Do you have videos or images in your stream?
  14. Cool Zero

    my thoughts on the algorithm #2 | Let's debate

    I have repeatedly written that buying from SMM view panels is a waste of money. But I want to note that it doesn't work this way when you buy 5 thousand views and they are executed in one day. The process of getting to the home page (the fastest way to get a lot of views) can take a long time...
  15. Cool Zero

    My CTR is very low and i know the problem ...

    If these 2 solutions are all that you came up with, then I'm sorry, but you have nothing to do on YouTube.
  16. Cool Zero

    How do you brainstorm your video ideas?

    2) Random inspiration I don't even look at the competition, nothing new there. Competitors look at my ideas.
  17. Cool Zero

    YouTube Live Vids Using Adword

    Don't spend money on SMM panels. This is pointless, just read this forum thread. If you still want to spend it, just flush it down the toilet, at least in the end you won't feel cheated.
  18. Cool Zero

    Justanotherpanel is good ?

    No, they all lie until you give them money. Then you will see the " real service".