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  1. TheBarbarian93

    Instagram Manual Growth Service || Real, Targeted And Niche Based Followers

    this service is awesome! it works good and a very good price !!! everytime again !!! i tested both services !
  2. TheBarbarian93

    Looking for Mass Video Creator for YouTube

    but i think i cant create videos ... the thing is i whant to create videos with a audio file and image file... but automaticly .. like 100 different sounds with the same picture = 100 videos with same pic but other sound. i can make this manuell but it takes to long. the youtube upload is not so...
  3. TheBarbarian93

    Looking for Mass Video Creator for YouTube

    hi guys, here a example what i mean ... i do beats, i have 1 cover art and 100 beats. i whant to upload all 100 beats with the same cover art. is there any tool or option to create 100 videos with different sounds but with the same picture automaticly? best regards :)
  4. TheBarbarian93

    Jarvee Telegram Group to connect about Jarvee??

    hey if anyone is interested in a telegram group for jarvee users send me a message and i'll add you! I think together we are stronger and can support each other! it's about instagram, twitter and other social media growth. Many greetings ! :)
  5. TheBarbarian93

    Looking for Mother Child method on Twitter ...

    hi is here someone who can make me a offer for mother child on twitter ?? i whant to grow my account... best rtegards
  6. TheBarbarian93

    need some who can create a simple bot for me ..

    i need a simple bot that only needs one function. I want to enter a link and the bot goes to the page and presses the play button. and streams a song in different random lengths. there will be no different pages it will always be structured in the same way, just different tracks that it should...
  7. TheBarbarian93

    Website streaming bot ?

    Now i understand .. sorry for the mistake ! Thanks
  8. TheBarbarian93

    Website streaming bot ?

    Thanks i dont know whats a haf thread but i will google for it later !
  9. TheBarbarian93

    Website streaming bot ?

    Hi i have a question ... I looking for a bot for streams on my website. With proxies. All what the bot have to do is go to the website and press the play button. Is here everybody who can build a bot like this or sell something like this ? Thanks to everybody who can help ✌️
  10. TheBarbarian93

    Hey I looking for a Beatstars Bot for Plays / Likes etc. work with Proxies.

    Thank you for your answer ! I appreciate it !!! I understand what you mean ... Maybe i try with google adsense or something. Thank you very much !!
  11. TheBarbarian93

    Platform to sell Soundcloud plays likes etc. ??

    hi Guys, does anyone happen to know a platform other than blackhatworld where you can sell soundcloud plays likes etc.? Unfortunately, sites like fiverr don't allow it. I would be very happy about a few tips! best regards
  12. TheBarbarian93

    Hey I looking for a Beatstars Bot for Plays / Likes etc. work with Proxies.

    yes as example ... i mean its like the same on soundcloud
  13. TheBarbarian93

    ➡️[7-Days Free Trial] ⬅️✅Instagram Growth Service ✅Real and Highly Targeted Followers✅ Exclusive BHW Agency Discount,Newly-added Features and much mor

    I do it now for a month and it works really well !! great customer service !! there are no problems at any point and I am very satisfied and will definitely use it for a long time! I can only recommend it to everyone! it made my life better !!
  14. TheBarbarian93

    [METHOD] How to send a ton of emails for free

    haha awesome idea!!! have someone a bot for this ? i mean i have over 1m email contacts lol
  15. TheBarbarian93

    Looking for a good Twitter e-mail extractor.. can you help ?

    hi Guys, can someone recommend a good software for twitter email scraping ?? I would like to filter out the specified emails from certain accounts (their followers). can someone recommend a good tool to me? it is only important that I can access the followers of certain accounts. best regards
  16. TheBarbarian93

    Working Soundcloud services?

    dm me best regards
  17. TheBarbarian93

    Soundcloud Comments Ghost Blocked ???

    Ah ok I understand ... I'll experiment a bit, thank you very much!
  18. TheBarbarian93

    Soundcloud Comments Ghost Blocked ???

    I already feared that ... do you happen to know what is important? so how can i handle this? Thanks for the answer!!
  19. TheBarbarian93

    Soundcloud Comments Ghost Blocked ???

    hi Guys, i noticed that when i make comments on soundcloud (about 1-3 pieces per day per account) on some tracks there are no comments to be seen although i have made a comment. I always give 1 like, repost and follow per comment. but when I later happen to check my accounts, on some tracks that...
  20. TheBarbarian93

    Twitter Growth in 2019 [mother/child]

    ok i understand .. but you can do everything from your own ip without proxies right?