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  1. Henblack05

    Can Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty be trusted?

    Never ever trust tools! Ahrefs as far as i can observe checks for RD of the individual page. Search intent is another important thing that ahrefs can't do
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    [] Automated SMS Verification # Verify ANY Website # 40+ Countries

    Site design looks really nice! is it custom coded or wordpress?
  3. Henblack05

    Cheap Domain Names Providers ???

    Yeah only 1 per paypal acc ;) Domain privacy is free Yeah you can Depends on the registrar you choose to transfer to. on SAV its $6.95 and on Porkbun its $8.16
  4. Henblack05

    Is It Impossible To Find Good Expired Domains For Free?

    You can find lots. Lemme give you tip that'll save you a ton of time - don't look for .com's go after unpopular extensions. Eg - GolfDigest DA22 TF15 decent link profile, can be bought at any registrar at the normal price:-) I can help find ya if you want
  5. Henblack05

    How to Reduce Spam Score

    Google doesn't give a F*** about spam scores, they are just a 3rd party metric! Did you know you could get spam scores just for having a number in the domain? check out the moz blog for the factors they consider when measuring ss. If rankings haven't dropped you are okay and don't need to worry
  6. Henblack05

    Cheap Domain Names Providers ???

    $1.35 on uk2 .net. check out tldes .com for cheapest & coupons
  7. Henblack05

    [JV] Sell my domain and we split 50-50 !!

    Yeah Referring domains, DA, TF etc..
  8. Henblack05

    keyword research services

    I can find ya low dif forum (ranking) keywords with at-least 150+ search voulme
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    [JV] My huge team of writers w/ access to as many as needed and your idea to monetize

    How is the quality? I know a lot of people who needs content daily. Maybe we set up a content agency? Please PM
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    Your Website + Approved Mediavine/AdThrive Account + My Traffic

    I got an ezoic approved site? Pet niche
  11. Henblack05

    [JV] Sell my domain and we split 50-50 !!

    I've done tons of both site & domain flips, i can def sell it. PM me if it has good metrics. If it doesn't i m sorry to say there's a really high chance you won't even get $30 :-( A domain is worth only what the buyer is willing to pay.
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    [JV] My Programming skills + Your Idea/Marketing Skills

    Hey man, I got a couple of ideas for some SAAS sites and have a following we could promote. This tool will drastically reduce the time we spent doing this certain job. Please PM, (since i can't PM others yet :) )
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    Which Tool Do You Use for Keyword Search Volume?

    Ubersuggest and keyword sufer. Ubersuggest gets its data from keyword planner.
  14. Henblack05

    In which crypto is better to invest 2021?

    Crypto .com coin (CRO) will probably hit $1.5 or $2 in 5 years Pancake Swap (CAKE) will probably hit $200 in 5 years DO your own research! Dont take my advice
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    ✅✅✅ Write-Lab : Native/Fluent content -30% BHW Discount - 20 Free Review Copies per Month +Option starting from 3.5$/500w ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Got my review copy today. Excellent Quality, no grammar mistakes and had a good flow. Also 100% Unique. Recommended!
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    Free guest post on High Rating DA DR

    Still giving away? Please PM