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  1. Roman Epo

    Email Merketing problem

    If your mail will not delivered, you will get Mail Delivery mail from server.Also you can check outgoing mail status.
  2. Roman Epo

    best VPS/HOSTING for warez website

    I think you didn't got any company, who completely doesn't not obey dmca complain.Its best to configure as your needs.
  3. Roman Epo


    Considering all site such as real site ,rank up as standar valued position.Technically & logically manage all site such as different different owners.
  4. Roman Epo

    Is SiteGround Web Hosting Good?

    I didn't taken any service from SiteGround ,that's why i can't say anything directly but getting good feedback from online search and reviews.
  5. Roman Epo

    Anti-Virus Blocking CPA Offers

    Many Browser safety antyvirus provide this options and ad blocker extension can block all kind of ads
  6. Roman Epo

    Disable Remote Access Key (WHM)

    You can manage SSH key from server security centre ,So Manage password authentication by disable and enable login.
  7. Roman Epo

    Facebook Upvote and downvote feature for comment finally launched..! Big change

    There are lots of discussion about this features , junkee published one tech report about this matter ,they said Facebook users in Australia and New Zealand will be able to upvote and downvote comments on large public posts. Users in the two countries will be the first to test out the new...
  8. Roman Epo

    Proxy to hide video server IP?

    HaProxy is the best for proxy server and Nginx is another one but required more server which are more costly for you.You can check cloudflare service ,Hope it is cost effective for you.
  9. Roman Epo

    Domain is with Zyon- who do not respond at all!

    I did not face before like this.You can check whois for find-out registered and you can contact with them ,than send a complain mail to icann [email protected] When submitting a complaint, please be sure to include all relevant information.
  10. Roman Epo

    7 - 8 second load speed...

    Use dedicated resources and website performance optimized such as JS,HTML,CSS ,Code, Content etc for boost up site speed.Good load time Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking
  11. Roman Epo

    Tips to sell on ebay

    You can also off-page prompt your product for increases buyer from outside of ebay.
  12. Roman Epo

    Best high profit items to sell on ebay?

    Of course ebay know better than all.Why you are not check in ebay Top Products page,they are showing some products in this page,if you want to know details you can research ebay product sells report.
  13. Roman Epo

    Is this possible with PayPal?:

    Yes..It is possible,but required to develop script for every steps automation.
  14. Roman Epo

    Keyword not found top 100

    Keyword: ABC---XYZ Position: Not Found in top 100! URL: Not Found in top 100! This is company name keyword and my business 100% Published ,but google search result no such kind of thing is found. But site showing site:abc---xyz[Dot]com in google search result. Site linked in web master 4 month...
  15. Roman Epo

    Tell Me Name Cheap Coupon

    They are publishing their own website,DOMADNESS for domain and HO$TLUCKY for dedicated host
  16. Roman Epo

    Ads Malware

    Just try to reset all of your wp script,keep wpcontent directory and wpconfig file and remove all others files and directory. download new wp source and upload your site directory.i think it can be resolve your issue.
  17. Roman Epo

    Can I install Google Analytics on my domain name server (DNS)?

    Google Analytics and DNS both are different server. Google Analytics web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and You can also racks and reports website traffic using DNS server.but both technology are different.Analytics required to add site integration...
  18. Roman Epo

    I need your excuse...

    Actually i cant understand your mixed opinion ,what is you expectation.Which purpose do you want to use 70 IPs,How it was configured for you ,Which purpose do you want to know is it white hat or black hat.... If VPN down,how they connect,You can check permission why not connecting
  19. Roman Epo

    Need VPS, dedicate allow port scanning

    He need hosting service , (noenmo)"I'm need hosting services" ( Getrektmate ) suggest some company name and i suggest which is best for hosting.
  20. Roman Epo

    Can Importing Download Links from Other Websites Consume My Website Hosting Space/SSD?

    its best ,if you can use file server and disk optimization script.its totally depends on your site strategy and your site category.Not bad use external link, if you want to save disk space