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  1. rettaibi

    I need to send a message to the person who bought the product

    Dear (insert name), Thank you so much for your order! Your order is being prepared and packed with loving care and will arrive within 7-12 days. Let us know if we can do anything to make your experience better! Thanks again, (your company name) English is also not my first language and your...
  2. rettaibi

    How Can I Buy Baby Shiba, Safemoon & Shiba Floki?

    For Safemoon, you can download the SafeMoon app in the App or playstore. Then you buy BNB with your creditcard and swap it to Safemoon. On you can find a link to the apps.
  3. rettaibi

    Virtual Credit Cards [ Crypto Top Up] Works for Paypal , Facebook , Amazon.

    Yeah bro, they are legit, easy to use and they reply fast. 10/10
  4. rettaibi

    The DIP... the DUMP is real.

    Bro i know every aspect of safemoon there is. It is not 20 percent. The 10 percent to get in is already calculated/deducted. So it would be still 90 million from 100 million. So you think they are still waiting for price to go up so they can get that extra 10million that they will lose? Lol?
  5. rettaibi

    The DIP... the DUMP is real.

    Whales dont sell because they believe in the project and know it will go up. Whales only invested 4 to 20k in the beginning of the coin. You really think they care about 10 percent fee if they already have 10 to 100 million dollar right now?
  6. rettaibi

    SAFEMOON - Why and How you should buy and make a Killing (1000x ROI)!

    Nice write up, I got myself some already, waiting for binance listing
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    Get Your Instagram Featured on NBC, ABC, FOX and 500+ Other Media Sites |

    Discount code + plus sample from tier 1 please!
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    XRP. Into the symbolism and conspiracies corner

    that is good enough for me
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    Private and Shared Proxies from $0.35 at ACTPROXY.COM

    Takes too long, Invoice #277256 Refund please.
  10. rettaibi

    [WTH] I need Someome who already has facebook accounts

    Hey, I need somebody that can add around 15k facebook friends to their accounts. This is a one time job. this is what I need you to do exactly - Add the Facebook IDs that i scraped (15k) - Join 1 group with all the accounts that you used to add the IDs - Share and comment on 1 post that I...
  11. rettaibi

    Should I cheat? [Youtube! Not my girlfriend!!]

    Look here, I read this thread the other day and he uses smm panel to buy his views and subscribers. He didnt have a problem. I don't remember where he shared the details of the panel. Edit: He says it in his main post...
  12. rettaibi

    Facebook Ad: Forex

    Thanks for responding. Did you directly send them to the offer (BTC-era,, Bitcoin revolution etc.) Or did you talk to them first on whatsapp or something.
  13. rettaibi

    Facebook Ad: Forex

    Is the netherlands profitable?
  14. rettaibi

    [MONEY BACK GUARANTEE] Let Me Find You the RIGHT Keywords to DOMINATE your niche

    Just Ordered silver package 0B142304KM0573247