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  1. kommaihag

    What's the Best F/UF app these days?

    Has anyone tried to use jarvee without proxy? just wifi. If you are using 1 or two accounts.. or does it have to bee mobile proxies anyway?
  2. kommaihag

    Your experience in deleting ghost followers

    Same questions here. Anyone?
  3. kommaihag

    370k followers - low engajament

    Hi. Did you manage to get rid of the ghosts and did it make your engagement better?
  4. kommaihag

    [METHOD] How I boosted my Facebook Page Post Engagements up to 7830% in 1 DAY

    Where can I find the information on how he did? Or can you explain? Thank you
  5. kommaihag

    [Journey] recovering EngagementRate (removing Ghost followers)

    How is this journey going? Did your engagement go up?
  6. kommaihag

    Removing ghost followers - beneficial to engagement?

    :)following the thread.
  7. kommaihag

    Removing ghost followers for better engagement rate and visibility?

    I have 2 ig account. One is my personal 1500 followers and my professional 11k followers. My latest post on both account have the same reach. this sucks.
  8. kommaihag

    algorithm luck!?

    Why does threads allways end up like this? Came here to read about methods and in the end im reading two member arguments towards each other. Just stick to the topic. It's interesting discussing methods about a channel that has done well.
  9. kommaihag

    Instagram Accounts Reach Is Very Low... Why?

    you are probably shadowbanned. That means your exposure is dropping and you wont appear in hashtags. It can happen if you use any bot, to many hashtags or if you are posting following or commenting to quickliy. It just happened to me after I posted a 9 square of images and put a lot of...
  10. kommaihag

    Send emails (bot or service)

    I need some help to send emails. I have gotten the emails directly from the people. I have maybe 400 emails. And I need to send maybe 1 email/month to everyone on my list. I want to hit inbox. Not promotions or spam. Sending manually is good but takes to much time. Anyone can help me with this...
  11. kommaihag

    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    any news on this? I have the same problem
  12. kommaihag

    Current State of Instagram Automation

    are you guys sending DM's promoting mother account? how many dms/ day / account?
  13. kommaihag

    Dm in jarvee error code 210

    ok keep wasting your time on nothing if it´s fun for u
  14. kommaihag

    Dm in jarvee error code 210

    I asked here first to see if someone had the same problem and found solution.
  15. kommaihag

    Dm in jarvee error code 210

    why do you even answeer?
  16. kommaihag

    Dm in jarvee error code 210

    I am doing the chile account method and it was going okey but yesterday i got this on various accounts when trying to send DM "code 210 - sorry, too many requests. Please try again later we have suspended sending messages for 360 minutes" one of the accounts have only sent 180 messages on a...
  17. kommaihag

    Instagram follow Action Blocks from this morning 30 May.

    Clear cookiess might help.
  18. kommaihag

    What do you regret most in your life?

    Omg same happened to me.. so many projects. All the time alone pushing things
  19. kommaihag

    What Jarvee settings are you using for Twitter?

    I was doing a folöow unfollow like and contact members maybee around 80 follow/day sometimes account gets stuck on contact members cause users profule is deleted and it keeps trying over and over again.