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  1. Lamuks

    Brand new niche site. (1st time)

    I think you wouldn't see anything ''special'' when buying a site, especially if it's just a starter site with no traffic. The core concepts of what is needed to make the site is readily available on BHW in various threads, so you wouldn't see anything new and surprising. This also wouldn't be a...
  2. Lamuks

    Probably The Best SMM Panel on BHW | Boost Your Social Media Accounts with | FREE Credits Available

    After the test balance have used $50 there. Seems pretty nice and the support tickets are fast too.
  3. Lamuks

    YOUTUBE MONETIZATION SERVICE PACKAGED│1k Subs + 4k Watch Hours │YT Approved Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    I have a channel with 5 videos, each is an ambient/background video with 1-4 hours. Can this get monetized for the $125 monetization package then?
  4. Lamuks

    My Website Home Page is not being Indexed on Google

    That's interesting then. Is the site active? Does it get new content? Do you have a social media account attached to it which would serve as a backlink?
  5. Lamuks

    My Website Home Page is not being Indexed on Google

    I guess check if robots.txt isn't messed up + it can just take a while for it to index. If it is a smaller site, it will take longer.
  6. Lamuks

    Question about namecheap domains

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. Just use Whois privacy and only Namecheap knows the info. If you ever ask for support they might become suspicous.
  7. Lamuks

    Domain transfer to Namecheap [what is this?]

    Actually it doesn't, some like SAV have default nameservers you can set it to. Some don't, which is weird. All the big ones like, Dynadot,Namecheap,Namesilo etc do though. Wouldn't really recommend using any others.
  8. Lamuks

    What is the key of SEO?

    Consistency I guess. If you just abandon it, it won't do good.
  9. Lamuks

    Does GeneratePress theme looks to simple? Would you stick to a website using it?

    I recently found out about Blocksy. It's a wonderful theme that is beautiful.
  10. Lamuks

    Wants to learn bot creation and automation process

    I mean you can do it with any language more or less. I made a scraper in C# when I needed it for a specific purpose. My suggestion is : try to figure out what you want to make. A bot? A scraper? Choose a language, then check if there are any libraries that will help with that development. Rest...
  11. Lamuks - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    Can you get monetized on YT with your subscriber + watchtime views?
  12. Lamuks

    Search Engine Friendly Content Writing Services / Starts - $2/500 Words

    Placed an order for another 4 articles :)
  13. Lamuks

    Search Engine Friendly Content Writing Services / Starts - $2/500 Words

    Just received the 2 articles $5 each quality. Longer than I expected, which is a good thing. The quality is good, personally I will edit something further, but you can definetely use them straight off the bat. Will order more soon.
  14. Lamuks

    30,000 GBP Where to invest?

    Index funds/ VOO ETF
  15. Lamuks

    Search Engine Friendly Content Writing Services / Starts - $2/500 Words

    Placed an order for 2 $5 articles.
  16. Lamuks

    TikTok Banned? What does this mean..

    I think the probability of US banning TikTok is fairly high, though then not only TikTok would be banned.
  17. Lamuks

    Stuck at 350,000 views per day. Need advice!

    Could it be that you are getting ''throttled'' because you don't have original content?
  18. Lamuks

    How does this video have the views in the title?

    Literally explains in the video that he has a script that checks it every so often and updates the title with the new numbers with the API...