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  1. J L GUPTA


    Please send me samples of your work. Any Review copy Available ?
  2. J L GUPTA

    Burning question about web 2.0 s

    Picked expired Web 2.0 .... but notice one thing that web 2.0's are indexed and penalty free, then that will give your Landing Page more boost up.
  3. J L GUPTA

    [FREE] Canva PRO (Trial for 30 days Pre-Activated)

    Could you please count me in? :)
  4. J L GUPTA

    Guest Post Opportunity On My SEO Blog With DA 16

    plz send me site details :)
  5. J L GUPTA

    SEO in Multilingual website

    hello :) can you plz share your Idea. Thanks in advance :)
  6. J L GUPTA

    Your favorite SEO tools?

    SemRush is good to use
  7. J L GUPTA

    Link Building Strategies For Our Ecommerce Site

    Guest Post is a good option to scale your market
  8. J L GUPTA

    [Guide] The 11 Tips For Ranking Your GMB Easily & Fast

    thanks to share this information here
  9. J L GUPTA

    200 GMB Listings - HELP

    various IP is the best solution
  10. J L GUPTA

    Doctor Map listing showing up if i type doctor name ..

    its the reason for Reputation Management
  11. J L GUPTA

    Need Suggestion for site

    aftersome time your website get penalized .... take it serious
  12. J L GUPTA

    Backlinking your Citations

    T2 and GSA is a good option
  13. J L GUPTA

    [NEED ADVICE] for SEO beginner

    if u want to learn SEO just g00gle it..... g00gle continuously update .... so keep eyes on g00gle updates
  14. J L GUPTA

    SEO with Link-building and answer posting

    answer in forum is good techniques .... as well as u can focus some other ways also that will improve your local listing
  15. J L GUPTA

    1 Local Website vs Multiple Websites for Local Business

    if u choose second option its mean your workload is just double ...... focus on first option with GMB
  16. J L GUPTA

    Google My Business Website

    yes ...GMB is very helpful to improve your site position on local search
  17. J L GUPTA

    Tips for ranking landing page?

    if you need to target for local market , focus on Google My Business as well as proper optimization of site will help to improve your site
  18. J L GUPTA

    Wanna Rank? G says Certain Verticals will Be reuired to Submit SSN Backround chk + More

    Bing, facebook, Yelp is very good for local search