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    What is Affiliat Marketing

    Stop using Chatgpt OP learn proper grammar
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    This Is What It Feels Like When You Do Black Hat Stuff On Reddit.

    Those are people that want tax the rich,want free money don't want to work and they hate people that try to make money.Living in their mother's basement.
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    Stupid paypal and adidas

    Your software is obsolete by today's standards here is my real copy that actually pays
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    Now I will tell how my wealth that I had acquired illegally was melted

    You had to launder that money in order for you pay taxes on that money that is a 20 year prison sentence.
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    Now I will tell how my wealth that I had acquired illegally was melted

    So you are robin hood you stole from the rich but give to yourself Still aint right.
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    The Matrix Deleted My Link Share

    Did a cat just walked your path that mean the matrix had a update :)
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    Making money as tax preparer

    There is a market for this on Youtube.You also can use your youtube channel to get clients for your accounting business
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    The ChatGPT BS has Been Getting out of Hand!

    They are just doing this shit for views and ad revenue
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    Google laying off 12000 workers. Things are only going to get crazier from here!

    That is revenge for those monthly Google updates Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
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    Andrew Tate’s detention has been extended to the end of February

    It's called self snitching
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    Permantly Suspended From Reddit

    If you used your accounts to promote the same website your website that leaves a footprint.Their are spam hunters on reddit that have scripts to search for suspicious accounts
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    Permantly Suspended From Reddit

    did all of your accounts point to same domain
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    Willyfish one month left

    @Willyfish please come back to the world of the living.
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    Using Chat GPT to brainstorm content ideas

    You have no idea where chatgpt scrape that info from
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    Making an EASY $25/day minimum with almost 0 effort.

    If the domain you used for the redirect was solely designed as a link shortener that can be a problem.
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    Do you really believe in UBI?

    There no such thing as a free lunch.That will lead to hyperinflation of the currency.Everybody will be a trillionaire but the currency will have zero purchasing power.
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    I just quit my 925 job

    I hope you have lot of savings before you quit your job.You have a difficult road ahead of you.
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    [Method] To be full anonymous with CRYPTOCURRENCIES in 2023 !

    You forgot number 7 sharing your method on a public forum for the @IRS to pick up