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  1. matsta

    ⚡️⚡️Selling⚡️⚡️ ➡️ SEMrush Guru 1 Month 15$❤️ Surfer Seo 1 Month 10$❤️ Moz Pro 1 Month 5$❤️ Jasper Ai 5$ ❤️ and More ✨

    Bought a Surfer account. Was prompt replies until I paid then heard nothing and left on unread. Only been a few hours but hoping you reply
  2. matsta

    [ SEMANTIC KEYWORD RESEARCH ] Blog, SaaS, E-commerce and other industry niche business Keywords that Dominate the SERP! ❤️❤️

    Ordered a custom project from Ade on Dec 6th. The turnaround time on the website says 7 business days. After Ade failed to deliver the project, we agreed he would either deliver the project by the 24th or provide a refund. I haven't heard from him since. I'm very disappointed he's still bumping...
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    ⚡ Niche Edits aka Curated Link Packages - ❇️ PRICED TO BE RESOLD - ❇️ CHEAP AF -

    Big shout out to indexsy, been using his links for well over a year now, have no complaints. Unlike most niche edit providers on here, the turnaround time for these links are usually within a week (most providers I found take nearly a month to deliver). They also cheaper as well which is a big...
  4. matsta

    Calling for real people who bought SarkarSEO's service, and are satisfied with it

    Sir, you forgot the transaction ID: ****** {random-6-numbers} in your post.
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    [RANK BASE] Ultimate Foundation Links Package - 450 High Authority Links for $25!

    Always satisfied with the work these guys do, use this on a lot of my new sites.
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    Another order in with HardcoreBiker, they best in the Casino PBN game by far. Really enjoy working with you :)
  7. matsta

    RANK AUTHORITY Up to 30+ TF/CF and 40+ DA/PA Permanent Homepage Links Huge SALE!

    Super happy with these guys, great support on their site and their turnaround time is very quick and consistent. Look forward to working with the team on future projects.
  8. matsta


    Been working closely with Hardcorebiker for a few months now, his PBN's are the best in the business when it comes to Casino. After checking a few orders, every domain has an average of 225 RD and an average DA of 33. We've put in more orders after seeing positive results (we are targeting...
  9. matsta

    ♠️ Casino Link Building ♣️ Backlinks From Golden Monkey's Casino PBN Network - DA [email protected] Affordable Pr

    Just made another order. Always impressed with this sellers quick turnaround time and quality of links provided.
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    ▶️ Run Your Own Movie Streaming Sites ★ 45.000 Movies 100.000 Episodes ★ Domain ✅ Host ✅

    Just wanted to put my review after being a happy customer. I've been using this service since the end of November, and I have nothing but praise for these guys running it. Their Skype and Telegram are literally manned 24/7 so almost get an instant reply which is pretty crazy. If you've ever...
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    ⚡ Niche Edits aka Curated Link Packages - ❇️ PRICED TO BE RESOLD - ❇️ CHEAP AF -

    Sorry guys, should of posted that, it's definitely ranking and not just a glorified pbn:
  12. matsta

    ⚡ Niche Edits aka Curated Link Packages - ❇️ PRICED TO BE RESOLD - ❇️ CHEAP AF -

    Review Time So I've used many Niche Edits in my time, and once I receive the reports, I usually find out that 99% of them are literally resold from the same supplier! So being a bit sceptical, I tried out one of Indexsy's link and boy did I hit the jackpot! Not only did I get a solid...
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    Movie Streaming Sites For Sale ❗ HUGE database ❗ ✅Domain ✅Host

    I'm interested, i've added you on Skype!
  14. matsta

    All hopes lost on BHW marketplace and the sellers there.

    This is going round in circles. Apricot's summary is spot on:
  15. matsta


    Leith has been pretty excited about launching his new PBN, and of course I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Holy Sh*t, has he delivered or what. The sites I've seen are really top notch and the attention to detail is like no PBN I've seen before. After talking to Leith, I really...
  16. matsta

    Complaining about PBN sellers on BHW.

    Well this sums up the thread nicely. Time to close it.
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    Get Quality Content For Tier 1 Post - Starting From $0.50 Cent – Only For Bulk Order

    I bought 10 articles last week, very impressed for the amount I paid. Turn around time was 48 hours which was quick. Will order again soon.
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    Canadian Content Writing - (High-Quality & Native English Content!)

    Ordered a money site article on Friday and literally got the article in a couple of hours! Trey was awesome to deal with, had a problem opening the file and within 2mins I had a email with a new file! Article was on point, really well written with no mistakes whatsoever. I'm really impressed...