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  1. CamelCase

    Methods of Making Money from Mobile Applications Without Knowing Programming (Your Suggestions)

    Without knowing mobile programming, or rather without spending time on it. :) I want to earn money from mobile applications. What are your suggestions about this? What path can I follow? How can I earn a passive income in this field?
  2. CamelCase

    Looking for scrapping large amount of car listing websites

    I have quite a bit of experience in scraping, using golang and PHP languages I can do wonders for you and process the data the way you want. Please reply to PM or skype Skype: burakhurata
  3. CamelCase

    Can you suggest sosyologi forum?

    Thank you for your suggest
  4. CamelCase

    Your vps suggestions for blackhat jobs

    I don't want it for adult jobs. I just want a vps service that will not shut down my server for my blackhat business under any circumstances. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  5. CamelCase

    Proxy company suggestions with features close to Smartproxy?

    I guess there is only one option : Smartproxy :(
  6. CamelCase

    Proxy company suggestions with features close to Smartproxy?

    Features I am looking for: - Rotating IP (After defining the single IP I should be able to access the proxes. I don't wanna drown in ports) - Unlimited Thread - At least a few million IPs - IP authorization (Whitelist) - $50 - $80 fee
  7. CamelCase

    Instagram Username Scraper

    I've done this job before. So I have experience and that means you have less trouble. In general, I have more than 8 years of experience. Please contact me on skype or PM. I will determine the best price for you. And I can even make a demo. Skype: burakhurata
  8. CamelCase

    Rest In Peace...

    Who is Yujinn ?
  9. CamelCase

    hello bhw

    Welcome to bhw
  10. CamelCase

    Backend web dev

    I have 8 years of experience and I am ready to serve you with pleasure. Please give me details on Skype or PM Skype: burakhurata
  11. CamelCase

    Hi, from Turkey

    yeah I agree fuck the turkey.
  12. CamelCase

    Hello newbie here

    Welcome to bhw
  13. CamelCase

    Hi, from Turkey

    Welcome to BHW :)
  14. CamelCase

    instagram email scrapper needed

    Please check PM
  15. CamelCase

    Need a developer or script for coupon site

    I have 8 years of experience. I have the experience to fully undertake the project. please contact me for details. I work with a refund guarantee. Pm or skype. Skype: burakhurata
  16. CamelCase

    Wed Development

    I can't find you on skype. please add me Skype: burakhurata
  17. CamelCase

    Looking For Someone Who Can Help Me Setup A Proxy

    Please contact me pm Or skype Skype: burakhurata
  18. CamelCase

    Develop a social sharing website

    I can do this. Please contact me and give me Details. Skype or PM Skype: burakhurata
  19. CamelCase

    Need to fix css bug on my website

    Skype: burakhurata