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  1. yaaash


    Yes , still need it @Festinger , Thanks a lot man..... And Thrive Architect If possible
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    Bull Run is Over - See you in the next cycle, 3 years from now!

    Do you mean it's time to buy leveraged bearish tokens ?? ;)
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    Will the Amazon Affiliate Commission Gets Back To The Earlier Percentage ?

    The 50% deduction on Amazon Affiliate Commission, which was implemented on April has really impacted my sites and overall earnings drastically. My Product Category (Music) commission dropped from 6% to 3% and impacted in a very negative way,,,, But, I was expecting that the commission...
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    Where To Buy ? Addmefast Points

    Can anyone point me where can I get addmefast points for cheap or anything similar,, There's few people selling points here and in Fiverr but I am not able to find any-seller any more in both of the programs. Can you guys point me somewhere to buy points in cheap or anything similar... ???
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    So I finally nuked yoast on my Client sites, and got SEOpress

    Few years back after burning a lot of $$$ and hard work on my affiliate site, I was seeing some decent result first time on my site, I made my first $300 a month from the site. But just after a month, My site got hit by Google Penalty my traffic dropped by 80-90% and I was completely clueless...
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    This guy made me look like a fool in my own eyes :(, cause I am using Ahref since last year and I struggle to find weak sites and kw in my niche. But just after a few hours of reading and going through the methods mentioned in the books, I realized what I was doing wrong. In fact, I was...
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    Google May 2020 update explained, 400+ sites checked, 270+ human manual hours invested

    My site got a hard hit this time, From 21k visitors per month to 8k .. :weep: I read in here (somewhere) that pouring money in adwords is what Google wants by these updates and penalty, What's your opinion regarding this ?
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    [FREE GUEST POSTS] - Multi Niche Website on Strong Domain

    Would love to see the URL
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    [Help] Why Google Is Picking Up So Few Keywords From My Site ?

    Can you elaborate it a bit, Can you point me to a link for more info. Cause as I said my ON-Page SEO is up to the point.
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    [Help] Why Google Is Picking Up So Few Keywords From My Site ?

    Yes his backlink profile is quite good. Most of his links are from premium expired domain. What the competitor is doing is he gets good expired domain ---> Point it to a page (url) on his money site which does not exists (example - and all non existing 404 pages are redirected...
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    [Journey] Building An Authority Blog In A Competitive Niche.

    As you mentioned earlier you are in a competitive niche. Are your kws too dificult and only authority sites secure 1st page, Or are these medium - low comp keywords and what search volume range you primarily focus on ? (Sry if you mentioned it earlier, I have not gone through the 18 pages)
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    [Help] Why Google Is Picking Up So Few Keywords From My Site ?

    Hello Guys, From last 3 months, I am on a content rampage, Publishing 2k+ words article every 3 days from myself. But upon inspection in Ahref, I found that Google is picking up very very few keywords from my articles. Contents are good with detailed review with images, videos and proper...
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    Another Ahrefs Trick You Didn't Know About

    Thanks for sharing this info, But KD is not Referring Domain, Its Keyword Difficulty
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    ❤️❤️❤️ Agency Outreach Links | 1k Organic Traffic Minimum | Only 30$ Per Fee ❤️❤️❤️

    Got my link from Geasy just the way I wanted. I knew this site beforehand and how hard was to get an article published there so props to him for that. Preparing another bigger order for him. 10/10 service
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    ❤️❤️❤️ Agency Outreach Links | 1k Organic Traffic Minimum | Only 30$ Per Fee ❤️❤️❤️

    Just Ordered a Guest Post. Will update the thread with Ahref and Semrush metrics once the link goes live.
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    Wikipedia, Editorials, Outreach & More⭐

    Can you PM me this ??
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    Can I use translated content on money site?

    Apart from DMCA issues. Will google going to understand that the contents are copied from another language website? What's your thoughts on this ?