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  1. Cyam

    Are you addicted to caffeine?

    My mornings are always 5x better when I'm about to make my coffee, so I would say YES
  2. Cyam

    Only Fans

    I just scored my first model, working on contract now and will start next week.
  3. Cyam

    Quitting dropshipping business...Worst business model in 2022

    It's pretty hard to run a successful dropshipping business without being located in the US. That's my personal opinion. For starters, I can't even run TikTok ads legitimately
  4. Cyam

    Your Web Development Skills + My YouTube Handles Sales Site Idea

    PM me with what your project will need in terms of development.
  5. Cyam

    Your client for my web design & development / UHQ work

    If you're someone who can bring in clients for my web design & development service, you can make some nice money without doing anything. I'm a swift worker and I have already worked on several successful projects (mostly front-end websites) for businesses. My portfolio can be provided upon...
  6. Cyam

    Whats your fav game you played in Play Station?

    Alan Wake is the best game to play, trust me :)
  7. Cyam

    Are you satisfied with the amount of money you have?

    Millionaires or even billionaires don't continue earning to survive or make money, they keep earning because they love the game. I've heard this from a billionaire who was asked the same question
  8. Cyam

    Is it a good idea to sell my level 2 seller Fiverr account?

    What kind of gigs are on the account? You can answer with a general niche or something
  9. Cyam


    Yeah I guess! What I've seen in this particular case is that they lock movies that are not still released on the torrents etc (it was Jackass 4.5 for me) and the funny thing is, video was in beast quality (at least that short intro that was available before locker wall). So yeah, most likely a...
  10. Cyam


    There is a saying in my country: Dok je ovaca bit ce i vune Which literally translates to — "as long as there are sheep, there will be cotton" The point is, there are so many people in this world. Not all of them are aware of CPA lockers.. Actually, I think the majority of them don't know about...
  11. Cyam

    wow 62$ cpa for italy lead

    Congrats! I hope the conversion rate will stay high like this for you!
  12. Cyam

    YouTube Handles are Coming

    When is this happening? Does anyone know?
  13. Cyam

    cheapest platform for SMS verifiier?

    Autofications is a good one, been using them forever. I don't know whether 1-3$ per verification is cheap or not
  14. Cyam

    Netflix Is crushing its customers !

    I mean honestly, I will probably just move to another streaming platform. It won't be the end of the world. Netflix have become so greedy lately because they're constantly losing customers and they need to make money money from those people who would pay for their service even if it was $100...
  15. Cyam

    I am new here

    Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the forum!
  16. Cyam

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    What a piece of scamming shit, I can't understand these people.
  17. Cyam

    How To Stop Being Lazy?

    That is actually a solid idea, I might try this myself since I've been battling procrastination
  18. Cyam

    It is Brown Hat World?

    For me it's whitehatworld. I'm loving the white theme, don't @ me
  19. Cyam

    Keeping a tiger as a pet?

    I think you will eventually regret it. Tigers are NOT meant to be house pets and they belong in the wild
  20. Cyam

    How I Made 484$ In 1 Hour Of Work

    This is actually a solid idea! Thanks for sharing