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  1. Smelly-Cash

    Best phone monitoring and spying software?

    Hi everyone. I'm in need of a good spying software that would record phone calls whatsapp calls and messages, Facebook messenger calls and messages. Also text message. Is anyone using a good software? I'm willing to pay, I just need to know which one is good thank you for your help
  2. Smelly-Cash

    What you think about smart drugs?

    I did the life and diet change and I can see a clear benefit from it. especially being calmer and a little more focused. But I have an autoimmune disease that keeps me in pain all the time and that plays on my focus. I'm in school full time and have a family to take care of. I'm also an honors...
  3. Smelly-Cash

    What you think about smart drugs?

    One more question, Did any of you try to get a prescription for it? Do doctors refuse to prescribe it?
  4. Smelly-Cash

    What you think about smart drugs?

    What website do you guys order Modafinil from? How long does it take to get to the US? Do you order the brand name or generic?
  5. Smelly-Cash

    Nootropics -- What do you guys think?

    What website do you guys order Modafinil from? How long does it take? Do you order the brand name or generic?
  6. Smelly-Cash

    being sued for defamatory statement on a forum

    Wow guys thank you all for these very helpful replies. I only realized I was the one i power after I read your posts. The owner was calling me 3 to 4 times a day. last time I talked to him I told him I feel he's harassing me with his calls and threats to sue me. he wants his device back but I...
  7. Smelly-Cash

    being sued for defamatory statement on a forum

    but my comment has nothing defamatory about it. you should see the thread, everyone is writing awesome stuff about the product and once someone mentions something like headache everyone starts replying as if that person is bad. It's a beauty product, I didn't want to sue because I don't have...
  8. Smelly-Cash

    Well, my day is absolutely ruined..

    That's crazy. my sister has 2 cats, when they get sick she gives them human meds or natural stuff and they become fine. look up remedies online dude before you go to the vet. maybe lugol's solution could help her
  9. Smelly-Cash

    being sued for defamatory statement on a forum

    I don't have a law suit against me yet but the company is threatening to do it. I got a product from them then used it and it caused me a seizure. Here is what I posted " be careful using the #### last week I used it twice and I had a seizure. thank god I have insurance. again be careful...
  10. Smelly-Cash

    Free Amazon MP3 credit

    maybe someone used it before you? I copied it from my email here it is again T7E2-FA7874-WHAWY8
  11. Smelly-Cash

    Free Amazon MP3 credit

    Got this after purchasing frankenweenie ticket, I won't use it so one of you guys can have it. Here is the code and instructions, ENJOY Promotional Code: T7E2-FA7874-WHAWY8 Amazon MP3 promotion code expires 11:59pm (PT) November 22, 2012. Amazon may modify or cancel this offer at any...
  12. Smelly-Cash

    demonoid user looking 4 new home.

    Could I get invites also? thank you so much. I've been downloading from thepiratebay and the quality is awefull.
  13. Smelly-Cash

    My mother has cancer, I need advice

    I'm sorry to hear that, I think you should finish the disability paperwork and also seek help at churches also look online for assistance in your area. My state has a website that has all resources clothing, food, utility help....... I'm sure each state does just do your research. I hope your...
  14. Smelly-Cash

    Happy Ramadan For All Muslims

    Ramadan karim to all Muslims, Don't forget to pray for Syrian people.
  15. Smelly-Cash

    My Son Was Born This Morning :)

    Too cute!!!!! Congrats. I luv how new horns smell :)
  16. Smelly-Cash

    Rayban Aviator Sunglasses

    Got 2 from ioffer. They look real price is $16 Make sure you read seller's feedback for the item u want before u buy
  17. Smelly-Cash

    {Giveaway} - 5000 Vagex Credits to all members

    HI THERE, D U have any left? thank you
  18. Smelly-Cash

    youtube earning....

    I only see overlay and trueview in my add option. How do you enable prerolls? thank you
  19. Smelly-Cash

    youtube earning....

    r u serious?? I'm at 31900 views for the month of June and my earnings so far are $119. You should get $1-$3 per 1000. sometimes up to $7 depending on your niche. If you calculate mine it would be $3.75 Also I have both trueview and overlay. I wish I could get as many views as you do. can u...