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  1. alice252293

    Should I use my personal account for FB ads?

    It does not matter. Blackhat, Whitehat, Greyhat. No matter which methods you're using they will ban shit out of your accounts. FB is crazy now.
  2. alice252293

    There's something must be very VERY wrong with Facebook Ads.

    After spending tons of money on the platform. My ads account keep getting disabled for no reason. I cannot run ads for a few months no matter how I have tried. New accounts, new cards, but accounts still get disabled. I'm using whitehat method with quality product, nothing against their policy...
  3. alice252293

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    The lastest divi theme getting errors. Can I get the older version ?. I also used Elementor Pro, It's keep get activation notice ( I tried the beta and the older one version)
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    No, PPS wont make you decent money compare to revshare lead.
  5. alice252293

    Banned from Chaturbate before payment

    1. They can terminate your account anytime if your traffic wont covert. It's true 2. It's also true. one whale can make you thousands if not dozens of thousands dollar a year (if you're lucky). There's a guy here earned $40,000 commissions from only one whale.
  6. alice252293

    I cannot find good backend courses

    On the front end, I have already found an instructor that I really like (John Smilga), but on the backend. Not only PHP, but all the languages Java, NodeJs ... It's really hard to find good projects based courses. I can pay higher price. But, the intructors have to be experienced, the projects...
  7. alice252293

    Question about Anti-Chinese sentiment

    Like it or not. There's no better alternatives.
  8. alice252293

    Hi everyone, i'm from vietnam

    Hi "đồng râm".
  9. alice252293

    Why are web development job offers so ridiculous ?

    Man, $200 for experience person ?, may they're not that good. Here's in Viet Nam, the living standard is the same with India. $200 for fresher, $300-$400 for junior. For experience developers the salary will be up to $1000- $1500.
  10. alice252293

    Why are web development job offers so ridiculous ?

    Yeah, but they will scared shit out of freshers like me, and the people actually have all those kills do they really apply for the position ?. I mean for all of those skills, They's looking for a full stack web developer.
  11. alice252293

    Why are web development job offers so ridiculous ?

    Yeah, I know, Some people say jquery is quie outdated, instead of angular I'm focusing on ReactJs, but what freak me out is the experience and the backend knowledge.
  12. alice252293

    Why are web development job offers so ridiculous ?

    I'm tired of working alone with no social interactions that's why I'm looking for front end developer job. As I heard from my friend who is a senior developer. He said if you applied as a fresher front end developer I dont need backend knowledge and the company will not let me code anything...
  13. alice252293

    Why people say CSS easy ?

    BTW, but I found that boostrap so simple an popuplar on the market. Why there's many web agencies dont like it.
  14. alice252293

    Why people say CSS easy ?

    I'm learning Front end web development. I found CSS is even more complicated than Javascript. I dont know why people say CSS is easy.
  15. alice252293

    Why are Udemy Programming Courses so shitty ?

    Sure, but what's next ?. Learning the basic is the must but people taking courses are not for fun, they need for jobs or at least creating something useful.
  16. alice252293

    Why are Udemy Programming Courses so shitty ?

    I found that most of the Udemy courses (web development courses specificially) are so shitty. They are all the same. Like web development, Why not making courses on how to make real $5000, $10,000 websites from scratch (I mean from design, psd to html, css, javascript, backend etc). I have...
  17. alice252293

    What's the best Facebook ads course for ecommerce?

    For beginer, Ben explained everything clearly: More Advanced, Verum Ecom is a real guru who have made millions of dollars and share free course (however, the information is so densed which you have to run FB Ads for a while to understand...
  18. alice252293

    What is the hardest part of running Facebook ads for you?

    Basically, You pay money to Facebook to buy their datas. 2 problems: - Most of the times, you dont have enough money to test. - You dont have ability to analyse and fix your ads datas.
  19. alice252293

    Facebook Ads Myths

    Does the reason "your account is new so we rejected the ads" count ?. So yes. Many times. Their algorithm is far from perfect.