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    Making money Online (AdSense experts)

    Don't just sent link to everybody. just registered member or higher :D.
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    200k Omicron cases OVERNIGHT in UK

    Omnicorn be like happy holidays :D
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    Amazon expects me to OTP by phone but my SIM cards expires after 3 months because I have no one to call

    Yup, its working. I've switch my PayPal + Amazon account to authenticator app.
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    Google November 2021 Core Update Rolling Out

    Here we go again.... Any information about what's new in this update?
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    Webmaster of Several Sites

    Welcome to community & good luck with your sites.
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    2checkout Worst Decision EVER

    Ah man that's sucks. Better to switch to stripe (or others).
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    This is how absurd PayPal is

    They are keep coming up trashy methods to harass sellers.
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    [PIRACY] i want to a create Anime streaming website

    Main issues for this kind of sites are A: Scrap/tracks new animes. B: Video embed players shows to many ads.
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    Have anybody using got hacked?

    Try This: All In One WP Security & Firewall. I've been using in pasts but now I keep things up-to date and free plugins.
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    The state of the make money guru is a headache

    what do we even call guru of guru? super guru, pasta guru? :P
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    Making money using crypto trading bots?

    what kind of strategy will you be using with bots. There are many services that provide bots like Cryptohopper have you tried those?
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    The Goverements Warns Of A Christmas Shortage

    Nice solution to reduce Population :D And save some toilet papers :D
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    I Will Craft You a Premium Amazon Affiliate Website Just Like the Ones Rich Affiliates Have

    Can you provide me sample sites? Is your affiliate site is autoblog type? or do we need to add proper content.
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    Free Watermark Tool?

    Try this, I've use this multiple times in past
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    Building a "real" BOT army [Need advise]

    There is @HydraProxy giving away browser to manage profiles separately. You can use it manage each of your account. You can get from here:
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    CPA Method = $$$$

    I am doing it kinda, I didn't do SEO full on but I am getting organic traffic anyways. I am offering legit products not something like "Hack Facebook" etc...
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    CPA Method = $$$$

    CPA is pretty self explanatory, create reasonable content, do SEO and wolla that's all? what else do you need?