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    Play Store Scraper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to create a Play Store Scraper for me. Shouldn't be too hard to for someone with the right skills I'd imagine. What I want it to do is the following: 1. Go to the "games" overview on the Google Play Store or to a link I specify. 2. Scrape all the titles of the...
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    Sudden deindexation of single page

    Hello, I was working on a website, and it was going pretty well. A lot of the keywords started ranking on the first page. But yesterday something strange happened, the page that I was working on suddenly disappeared from the index. When I check it's not there. Naturally I...
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    Google dance in 2016?

    Hello, I'm trying to rank for several keywords, however, my rankings keep bouncing up and down constantly. The image below will illustrate what I mean. As you can see, my rankings go from top 10 to 200+ every 2 hours. When I search for "Google dance" on Google it tells me that the term...
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    Instantly get banned after phone verification

    Hello, Recently whenever I create an Instagram account it immediately asks for phone verification. When I phone verify the account it then gets banned immediately after. Does anyone else have the same problem and know how to fix it? I use Google Voice for phone verification and the numbers I...
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    Ghosted Twitter Accounts?

    Hello, I had a pretty bad followback rate on a lot of my accounts so I decided to see what may cause this. I logged in to one of the accounts and tried to follower another one of my accounts, and while it does follow it correctly, the other user does not get a notification that I have followed...
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    Starting a company in bulgaria - paying myself in dividends?

    Hello, I recently started earning more than I expected ($500+ daily, still growing) and since I live in the Netherlands where the income tax is 52% in the highest bracket I am looking for a way to legally lower the tax burden. I've done some looking around on the internet and something that...
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    Coder to create Twitter profile updater

    Hello, I might be interested in hiring someone to code a Twitter profile updater and am trying to get an estimate on what I will cost. I need it to do the following: 1. Log in to a Twitter account using a specified proxy. (Have to let me select how many accounts I want to use per proxy) 2...
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    Need freelancer to clone website

    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer that knows html/php/whatever to make a website like with the referral script and everything. If you're capable of doing this please let me know how much this will cost.
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    Followliker following/unfollowing question

    Hey guys, I have a question about following/unfollowing on Instagram using Followliker. I use the following and the unfollowing feature of the bot on a lot of my accounts, but there is a problem. My settings are that the bot unfollows people 3 days after unfollowing them, however, once it...
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    Download button redirect based upon device

    Hey guys, I was wondering whether it was possible to add a code to a download button so that it redirects users upon them clicking the download button to a certain link based upon their device. I want people with all devices that do not run windows to go to link A And people who do run windows...
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    RevenYou low commissions

    I am fairly new to Pay Per Install, I used to do PPD but heard good things about PPI so I decided to switch over but I am getting extremely low commissions These are my stats for the past 4 days: And as you can see here, most of my install are from the United States: What I don't...
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    Google Snippet Display Issue

    Hello, I have recently created a new site and it is starting to get indexed by google, however the snippet is completely wrong. It displays some text about gambling. Does anyone have an idea how this can happen? Is it maybe because of a cracked theme/plugin I installed?
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    I need help finding a theme.

    Hello BHW, I'm looking for a theme. I have searched Google, but it's kind of hard to find a theme if you don't know a specific name or what you're really searching for. I'm looking for a theme that's kind of like the one used on this site:
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    My site got deindexed

    Hello, Recently I purchased a domain name through godaddy, because it was only $3 and they seemed to be the cheapest. I started building my site and it got indexed in Google within a couple of days. However, GoDaddy wanted me to verify me to be the payment holder, so I submitted my...
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    YouTube accounts keep getting banned.

    Hey, Is anyone else having this problem? Whenever I buy a new batch of YouTube accounts and like/comment on a couple a video's ALL of them get banned within a couple of days. Does this occur when all the accounts are created from the same IP or something? Kind regards, Fheaky.
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    A site that fills in Captchas

    Hey, I know there's some kind of site that fills in the Captcha's for a payment, but I forgot which site it was. If anyone knows, could they let me know ;) Thanks. Fheaky.