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    How do I solve this in Google WMT

    Around a month ago I received a message in GWT saying my site had bad links on it and to find and remove the links, these were the links they had found. starfall.php?q= ipods.php?q= I trawled through all site files found them and removed them, now this morning I have a message in GWT saying...
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    Have I been hacked

    In my Cpanel it is showing I have used all my disk space usage, have checked through all files and found on one of my sites a bunch of files named core.7768 there is 9 in total all with different numbers after the core. If I try to view them I get, HTTP error 401 You do not have permission to...
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    How long is this google dancing going to last

    I have 1 WP site that is not an affliate site, it is for apartment rental booking for an apartment I own. Has no google ads or any other adds on it was stuck on page 2 for main keyword, 6 -7 weeks ago i started adding 3 unique articles a week to it to build it out. For backlinking i use...
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    Why is he doing this

    Just checking out competitors sites in my niche,came across one where on his self hosted site he just has a post title and snipet of text. When you click on the title to read more it redirects to a wordpressdotcom blog and the full article is there,his self hosted site is monitized for adsense...
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    Hi people

    Great forum some good reading. Learning a lot here