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    Journey Using BHW Method

    Ever since i read about this method, I wanted to try it out. 1. Grabbed a DR 30+ domain with with decent matric ( Ref 300+ according to ahref and 500+ according to SEmrush, 0 SPAM ...
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    Need Domain flipping Advice

    I found some EMD ( .com) domains with dictionary words available for register with atleast 10K–50K search volume in evergreen niches. How much on average i can sell it for? This what most of them look like
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    Deadly google link spam update..
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    Buying domain name of previously hacked website?

    i found a deleted expired domain. going through history i found that previously hosted site is hacked. is it worth registering domain?
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    SEO Question - Keywords in domain name - URL structure

    If i have a domain name like https://, Then what should be my url for each pages if it contain keywords same as domain? what's the best practice? EX https:// https://...
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    How much this content worth. can someone rate quality of this article?

    Fascinating Ways to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. You can work for yourself, create your own schedule and find more time with family and friends. There are many opportunities that await you in affiliate marketing - from...
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    What do you think of the following content and how much you'll pay for it?

    " Join Raffaella Stratta, the product manager responsible for Google's Mobile Shopping Ads, as she discusses key issues that have been identified through Google’s testing of mobile merchant sites around the world. These include insufficient mobile website content, complications with checkout...
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    # at the end of url? I've this problem of having having # at the end of url in my site. what's this? how to remove it? it came out of nowhere. didn't had previously
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    Is this safe for link building?

    i found a abandoned college website with backlinks from universities and as well as research organizations. they were previously using .org but moved to domain, but seems to forgot redirect previous site. the domain is available right now. is it safe to buy that domain for seo purpose? or...
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    New Year! New Journey to 2022 to launch own course!

    So, last year I made $6661.48 through my niche site. And this year I'm making another site . The idea is to document the whole journey and trim it down to release it as an actionable plan (spoonfed) through my course website in 2022 (ONLY IF it is successful - Reaching $500/month)
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    Which name is good for digital marketing agency?

    I have 5 names. tell me which one is the best to register as an official entity. if not can someone suggest me a good name?
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    How does amazon affiliate website transfer takes place?

    What or how is the process of transferring the site?
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    301 redirection question

    I have done redirection from an expired domain to my niche site (home to home/domain to domain ) I have another expired domain with some content with backlink profile. I want to 301 the old expired domain pages URL to URL of pages on niche site. and redirect all the 404 pages to expired...
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    How powerful and how much worth this expired domain?

    Can i expect a rank increase with direct redirect do new domain? Age - 21 year RD - 128 DA - 28 PA -21 spam score - 0 Anchor profile - website name most links are to the homepage
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    How much is this expired domain worth?

    it's related to niche law. Very clean RD DA PA 165 22 16
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    Can you rate this new writer?

    Like most high mileage shoes, the HOVR Infinite has a large outsole, built to take the hammering of a marathon training regime. The outsole is full-blown high abrasion rubber at the back for your highest contact spots. The Infinite’s design has thick rectangular pods underfoot with deep grooves...
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    Topic to test different writers

    Can you guys give a topic to write under 200 words. It's to check quality of different writers
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    How to Setup a content ordering Website?

    as title says.
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    Can you rate this writing quality?

    So i got a writing proposal sample through mail. ( NOT FROM THIS FORUM WRITERS) I wonder can you guys rate the quality of this writing and how much it's worth? How to Protect Your Volkswagen’s Car Paint? Have you already felt the erosion of motivation when it comes to maintaining your...
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    Is there any demand for proof reading service here?

    I'm not a native writer or proof editor. But yesterday I struck deal with someone who is for my website! But i do not have enough work as my content production limited to 10k per month. This is kinda super expert proof reader. I'm wondering is there any demand for proof reading service here and...