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    Linkedin Post likes/comments

    Anyone knows any reliable SMM panels offering this now?
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    Convert Linkedin Sales Navigator Profile URLs to regular Linkedin Profile URLs

    I am looking for a solution to convert Linkedin Sales Navigator Profile URLs to regular Linkedin Profile URLs I know PhantomBuster can do this but I don't like the fact that it needs to utilize a Linkedin account. Does anyone have an alternative solution?
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    Looking for 1,2,3 star Facebook Reviews SMM

    Hi, I'm looking for a SMM that can provide 1,2,3 star Facebook Reviews Most SMM panels only provide 5 stars. I would like to get lower stars to balance up the ratings and for it to look more natural/authentic.
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    15 fb reviews -$15

    please contact me immediately for this job, thanks
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    Facebook Comments

    need about 30 comments from different fb accounts, anyone?
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    Facebook Account (Virtual Assistant Needed)

    I will provide a few fb accounts. I need someone to add friends from a List of Facebook Groups i provide.
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    Looking for someone who designs Adult Ads

    Animated GIF/ Static Portfolio required.
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    Website Development needed (Adult site)

    Looking for someone to design and develop Adult site (Woocommerce). Portfolio required.
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    Set up Clickbank Vendor for me

    I need someone who can set me up as Vendor on clickbank
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    Pinterest Pro

    I want someone who can set up and manage a Pinterest account for me. The main objective is to drive substantial Pinterest traffic to my website. I don't care how you do it, blackhat or not. Samples are a must. Words don't mean anything.
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    Looking for CRO Specialist

    Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist Please provide samples.
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    Looking for a writer who knows NLP

    Knowledge of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a MUST. The writer needs to embed STRONG commands in a copy I provide.
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    How do you write a reddit thread and post to promote indirectly?

    So I've used some reddit services here on BHW that puts my thread to page one. However the posts were still removed by moderators shortly as they detected promotion. For the pros here, how do you go about making your posts indirect but slipping in your business link?
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    Add members from Facebook groups as friends

    Into a personal fake profile. Is this possible?
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    Looking for someone to market on Facebook Groups

    need someone who is unconventional. I will instruct you on the psychological marketing method to implement.
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    Does Domain Redirection help in SEO?

    Let's say I sell fruits and the domain is (not real, just an example) I then buy a domain like I redirect to my main site Does this work?
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    Looking for someone to run Jarvee

    I have account and VPS ready, can use mine. Main purpose is to drive traffic from Instagram/facebook to my website. Please pm me your contact as my BHW account is new, can't pm.
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    Looking for someone to market on Facebook Groups

    pm me. I can't pm you as my BHW account is new.