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  1. flow

    Need someone to write an iPhone unlocking guide

    Please PM me an offer. It shouldn't be that hard since all this info is on the web. Just a matter of compiling and organizing. It's OK if you use free guides from the web. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS. Requirements: -Must be a guide for unlocking all iPhones old and new for free. Of course...
  2. flow

    Best way to use a domain to SEO another?

    Hey all, long time no talk. Good to be back :D So let's say I have (pretend it's the business name of my swimming lessons) and I also have (pretend "san francisco swimming lessons" has high search volume and low SE competition). What's the...
  3. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    A while ago I started promoting Widgets and so I bought a long tail keyword domain with their brand name in it: for example. I started bidding on Widgets in Adwords and then the owner of Widgets got in contact with me to tell me to stop bidding on the Widgets keyword. I...
  4. flow! How do you get one of these mutations?!
  5. flow

    Do you have an Amazon affiliate account?

    I'd like to run some traffic your way. PM me.
  6. flow

    Domain KW with low volume-- worth it?

    Before I knew much about keyword research I registered a domain last year thinking it would be a good keyword to pursue since I saw it on one of those high CPC lists. I did some proper KW research and I see it's only getting 11 exact and 30 broad searches a day (330 and 900 a month) but the CPC...
  7. flow

    CPA co. that is cool with CL traffic and no site?

    Something like RichUser's ProfitRIOMedia would be awesome. I just want more variety as he only has one offer haha. I know I could just have a little site made and say I'm a PPC marketer to get accepted to larger CPA companies but I'm working on building up a whitehat presence on the web so I...
  8. flow

    How to find all domains owned by person?

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how I can find, for ex., all the domains that the owner of owns. I can't find the old thread here that has some of that info. I also saw a really cool program that did this exact thing and more. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. flow

    A good ******** blog platform to search for.

    Here's a little something to give back to BHW for all I've received. Serendipity is a blog platform like Wordpress that is fairly popular. Who cares? Well, I haven't found a blog using Serendipity that isn't ******** yet. Just search this phrase: "Trackback specific URI for this entry" +...
  10. flow

    Match question-- Broad/exact/etc.

    Hey all, long time no talk. My first q is this: What's the difference between "cocacola" and cocacola with no quotes? Will Google consider cocacola a broad match phrase and search similar things like 'soda' or coke' etc.? or is one word going to be exact match. I just need some advice for...
  11. flow

    600-700 uniques/mo. hard to monetize, ideas?

    Hey ya'll, I have a site offering access to private myspace photos for a fee but the exploit is dead so I've just put up an autoresponder to anyone who emails me. So I'm building a FAT list, but in the meantime, how could I make a buck with all these visitors? I don't think I could use...
  12. flow

    Got the SEO internship. Paid based on backlinks. Dump!!

    I get paid a base pay of $75 a week (I work 2 1/2 days) for training/working and $5 for a PR3 link, $50 for PR5, $60 for PR6, can't remember the other numbers. Can you guys do me a huge favor and just DUMP everything you've got that will help me get these links? Your high PR backlink...
  13. flow

    I need a myspace private photo exploit

    I know this isn't a hacking forum but this is my last resort. A while back someone posted here on BHW that they had an URL exploit to view private Myspace photos- I bought it and ran a successful business selling private photo access. I made a nice chunk of $$$ and then the exploit got patched...
  14. flow

    I have a SEO internship opportunity!

    Long time no talk I hope everyone is doing well.. I've just been focusing on other things in my life like school and music. I just got a call for an interview :D It was because of this forum that I plunged myself into learning about internet marketing (not just blackhat). I now have an interview...
  15. flow

    Who has the ***** posting script?

    I've recently discovered the board to not be named under rules 1 and 2 and I'm really enjoying the humor over there. I'm seeing a lot of automated posts though-- some are attempts to install something nasty (save this image, rename to .jse and run), most are just tricking users to click on...
  16. flow

    Someone sold my ph. # to one of you fuckers

    I get at least 3 calls a week for RX, insurance, bad credit and the like. Fucking annoying-- any ideas what to do? I finally got the RX dude off my ass after I begged him to please stop calling (for the 15th time).
  17. flow

    Google.Analytics is scary....

    I just realized that the more people use Google Analytics, the more Google can track and analyze your internet habits based on your IP. Not to mention if you use Gmail (and God forbid you enable Web History). I'm sure it gets worse than this....
  18. flow

    Just bought an MPC with blackhat bucks

    Thanks to this forum I just bought an MPC 1000. For those wondering about my methods well it's something I just fell into.. and it's not pure IM...-- I bought a myspace exploit to see private photos and then set up a little service where people would pay for photos and then I advertised it...
  19. flow

    Why do CPA networks limit promotional methods?

    IE a Christian dating site-- Email only... why????? Why would they prohibit search SEO or search PPC? Doesn't make sense to me.
  20. flow

    Simple KW question..

    Say you want to rank high for these two KWs: pure lye buy sodium hydroxide (lye is sodium hydroxide) Now what domain would be best: (this one is assuming that as long...