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  1. jathom

    Porn webmaster - hello everyone!

    Yes!! I need to start into this niche. What exactly is your offer?
  2. jathom

    Bitcoin $1,000,000+

    It will surely go. I remember someone has predicted much higher
  3. jathom


    What I understand from my medico buddy is that even if trial is successful, it will take year end for the general public or may be early 2021
  4. jathom

    Sudden drop after PBN link

    I do not think, it can be because of 2 link. I am not sure though but still can 2 links be so toxic!!! I doubt. That too, within a day. Normally it takes a week for the link to make any impact
  5. jathom

    Domain age Question?

    I am trying to figure out about domain age with ranking factor. So, I need to know after how long you have seen your website started ranking. Is 3-6 months old domain are good enough to rank?
  6. jathom

    Rank Tracker In 2020

    These days, google does not rank you for the keyword what you are targeting. You target keyword A and B and it ranks keyword C, D, E, F, G. So the standard rank tracker are not good as they only track keywords what you feed in. The best is SEMRush which is not limited
  7. jathom

    Buying Web Traffic From Fiverr - Can It Work Out?

    fiverr traffic is good only to show off the traffic when selling your website or may be to boost up alexa. they are mostly bot traffic from tools like diabolic. If you need real converting traffic, best is solo ad. The key is to find the right provider
  8. jathom

    How to not get banned on quora?

    You should see the frequency at which you post the question. Start with something natural which looks real and not over dramatic. Once your account gets little aged, you can go more aggressive. I also maintain multiple account but never seen banning any of them for question. They do get banned...
  9. jathom

    ►►SEO Divine - ★★★Don't Be at the Mercy of Search Engine (Big Promotion Price + Free Copy)★★★

    I was busy doing onpage adjustment, so the delay in placing in order. I did one order (Order 3595) now. I thank you again for your time and valuable consultation. I will make one more order soon once I am done with design.
  10. jathom

    Google is not ranking my new buisness page

    Mere number of backlinks is not directly proportional to your ranking. You need to see what type of backlinks are they? Even if they hold good, there are 10's of other factors. And always remember, patience is the key
  11. jathom

    Any Web Browsers with in-build VPN?

    Did you check epic browser. Long way back, i used to something called brewseo browser (not sure of its name)
  12. jathom

    How Can I Increase Adsense CPM?

    se900se rightly mentioned to check the source of traffic. In some countries, cpm is very low. So target traffic from tier 1 countries. There are some blackhat tricks as well to increase the CPM but that may serve advt which will not be related to category of your website and if someone report...
  13. jathom

    ►►SEO Divine - ★★★Don't Be at the Mercy of Search Engine (Big Promotion Price + Free Copy)★★★

    millions thanks for providing professional consultation. I am sure no one would have given this much time to explain the subject which is beyond the scope of services. I will be placing 2 orders now
  14. jathom

    Blog comments vs PBN

    PBN is better than blog commenting. You get more link juice
  15. jathom

    ►►SEO Divine - ★★★Don't Be at the Mercy of Search Engine (Big Promotion Price + Free Copy)★★★

    Your last service rocked my website for almost 10 months but it needs fresh boost again as some competitors are taking me over. Please suggest me if I can place the same order (Supreme package) again or you recommend some other service of yours. I also need coupon code if there is any...
  16. jathom

    Amazon affiliate - Waste of time?

    its great affiliate but commission is too low and you have to struggles for months before seeing any significant result, there is too much competition. I personally prefer cpa before amazon
  17. jathom

    Can he claim a refund PP?

    As everyone mentioned, buyer winning the case chance is 99.99999999%. Whatever prooof you provide, they still favor the buyer
  18. jathom

    Looking for a proxie provider

    by gmail, do you mean to create gmail account or to track ranking in google. I use solidseo and they are good so far