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  1. beautifulcode

    Does anyone has a list of non-YMYL niches?

    Hello, Please provide some examples of non-YMYL niches. Thanks!
  2. beautifulcode

    bud8 is not refunding my money and scamming people.

    Hello, I requested a service from bud8. He provided me with the document. But the document is not working and is not solving my problem. He also agreed, it is not working. As he previously, helped me with his services. I gave a lot of time to him to refund or even partially refund the money...
  3. beautifulcode

    Ranking a new programming tutorial website? Link building?

    Hello, I have a fresh website that has programming tutorials for Java, Python, Spring, Interview questions etc. Content is unique, no copy. As it's new, it doesn't have backlinks. Please provide some suggestions like which SEO package or Link building package that I can buy from...
  4. beautifulcode

    International Payment Gateway? (India - for individual)

    Hello, I live in India. I have a website in which I want to integrate an International payment gateway. I am an individual and not a registered business. Please suggest a payment gateway which is low in fees and support for International customers. I tried stripe but it needs me to be a...
  5. beautifulcode

    International Payment Gateway Suggestions? (India)

    Hello, I live in India. I have a website in which I want to integrate a payment gateway. Please suggest payment gateway which are low in fees and support for International customers + Indians Note: I am only an individual. No official business registered. Thanks!
  6. beautifulcode

    Which paid method is best to get Google Play App Installs?

    Hello, I have recently published an app related to programming tutorials. I need initial installs and reviews so that it can start ranking in google play store. I know Google Ads is good, but do you know any other paid way to get those initial install for the app to rank? I have searched and...