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  1. benLL

    [JV] My hot sales products + Your (ebay) shop

    I currently got 1-2 products that I think this would be selling really well on ebay. Not only on ebay. We can discuss if any other options. We will split profit 50/50. Not sure if I break the rule on Jv Section.Pls let me know if any.
  2. benLL

    (reddit)no links and no images ruled in the subreddit,does that mean not worth doing anything there?

    Found some subreddits within my niche, all of them strict that no external link at all. is there actually some subreddit that allows linking? should I find some sub with lower subscribers? I am not trying to spam every time I post but at least allow a bit after being active there for some period...
  3. benLL

    (Quora )Get 500 upvotes in one day and 20K+ views but ZERO new follower

    I am thinking if people follow me, then they might check out my link in the profile, which monetizes a bit. But none. If I add a link in the answer, a high chance that the answers collapsed. Any suggestions from you guys?
  4. benLL

    Is it allowed to repost my own pictures

    See sometimes would notice some missing hashtag after hitting "share" or realize those are not the perfect hashtag and want to update them but already posted couple hours. can I delete them and repost?
  5. benLL

    Can I copy& paste my blog post content to Quora answer?

    Is there any issue with this ? Will this way build some authority for my blog? Would google ignore this because they are the same content? of course, the blog post is 100% unique content might sound a silly question tho.
  6. benLL

    Am I doing wrong here? Got NO clicks from Pinterest

    No bot, all manual job. I have been pinning my blog post on Pinterest a week ago. All pin is HD pic with "how-to" type title, right now I got 800 impressions for total of 13 pins here but no single clicks. Is it the way they are? or chance that my pins are not great at all? Appreciate that if...
  7. benLL

    Is it necessary to use yoast seo on ecommerce site?

    didn't seem to find an answer here.if does exist, pls bear me. Do u guys use Yoast on ur e-commerce shop?
  8. benLL

    Can anyone show me an example of mns site?

    Can anyone show me a good example of mns site? or PM me.:) Just want to see how they like. Thanks.
  9. benLL

    how to creat this thing in wordpress

    I would like to achieve something like this as below. sticky/side ad inviting the user to download an exclusive free report. When they click on it it would take them to a page where they will be invited to enter their email address for the download link. Can someone tell me how to do this...
  10. benLL

    pls allow me to ask a newbie question

    When it comes to autoblog ,people would say something like scraping articles. By scraping,does it mean get articles that copied from somewhere and posted automatically on our own blog or search those articles and make it unique and posted? So can I assume that this way can only use in web 2.0 or...
  11. benLL

    how to earn 300USD/month in short term?

    Pls allow me to ask some newbie questions.(Smile)If answer actually exist,pls correct me. 1.Everyone talking about money site,can I assume they are like shop and affiliate site? 2.I see people use GSA on Tier 2 or 1 if used perfectly,then what articles are you guys using on money site?Can I...
  12. benLL

    Creat contact form without using plugin?

    I thought sites will be slow if using too many plugins. Is there any shared info/code on bhw about contact form? If u guys using plugins for that,pls correct me. I am newbie...
  13. benLL

    should i choose shared over vps

    Does VPS require certain level tech skill to manage like security issue etc? I can setup the site on my own though using guide on google or youtube But after that I would not know how to fix if something error or issue happened. I heard people say they would end up with vps if website growing...
  14. benLL

    A hello from a newbie

    I got hung up on BHW these days.I am so desperate to find some income these as staying at home in the next few weeks/months.Believe the people in here will help me.wish me luck