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  1. ellay

    Buying links from twitter for a 403 Forbidden website

    Hi all :) As written in the title, a client is buying a huge amount of links from Twitter with a 403 Forbidden website The strange part is that I am providing this service :))) What can be the benefits of those links if the website is not online? Are they going to launch the site later and...
  2. ellay

    Just was approved in maxbounty. What’s then?)

    This may seem weird question As said in title, just was approved in maxbounty cpa network. Any fast tips where to start and what to do?)))
  3. ellay

    Why do social networks allow and tolerate fake followers and fake activity?

    Maybe because it is beneficial to them? I have even heard the opinion that some social networks themselves are the biggest providers of scams. Sometimes social networks make it nearly impossible, and somewhere you can add as many fake followers as you want. For example, a few months ago, it...
  4. ellay

    Advertising blindness is our ally

    1. A little science Advertising blindness is a phenomenon in marketing in which the consumer does not see and does not pay attention to a certain advertisement or advertising format, even in direct contact with them. This phenomenon is caused by habituation to a certain format and type of...
  5. ellay

    Official Advertising VS Promotion

    Many people have a question , why should you resort to such methods to acquire customers as SEO, SMM, and similar methods if there is official advertising? You can set up advertising on social networks on your resource and enjoy the flow of customers and sales. You can not! 1. Today we can...
  6. ellay

    The easiest way to copy a landing page

    Hello dear BHW members. Are there any tools for copying a landing page, maybe making some changes on it, and then publishing without pain? Thanks in advance.
  7. ellay

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes etc?

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes, views? Isn't it because it benefits them? It's easy to see how social networks tighten the screws where they need to and where not - you can add as much as you can. For example, as I write this post, it's extremely...
  8. ellay

    How Tiktok identifies my country with VPN on?

    Hello. Tried different VPN services, tried to delete and install again, to change the phone language in settings, etc. Anyway, Tiktok shows videos from my country where I am physically :) Any ideas on how to solve this?:)
  9. ellay

    Free audiobook source?

    Any free audiobook website like b-ok for free books?
  10. ellay

    [GIVEAWAY] - Every BHW member will get 100 instagram followers

    Just post your link in this thread and we will add 100 Instagram followers :^) Have a nice day :)
  11. ellay

    Any experience of buying social signals?

    Hello dear members of BHW. Which of you have experience of buying social signals? Any resource you are using?
  12. ellay

    {Noob question} How to send emails to my clients?

    Hello everyone and sorry for this noob question. So 1. I have a list of my client's emails (1000-2000 emails) 2. I want to send an email with an offer to all of them. 3. I don't want to go to the spam folder. It is an SMM panel client list. Looking for an easy way if it exists. Any help is...
  13. ellay

    Any free gif banner maker?

    Hello. Need a free service to create one gif banner. Searched google, but found only paid services. I don't want to pay, because I need only 1 banner. Any link?
  14. ellay

    ➡️ | Smm Panel with guarantee | Buy followers, likes, views for all social networks. A simple and convenient website for promotion in social networks with guarantee* ✅Here you can buy high-quality likes, views, subscribers, comments for Instagram, Vkontakte, YouTube, Facebook, etc. AT WHOLESALE PRICES. + Special bonus for resellers. * You will get your funds back...
  15. ellay

    [idea exchange thread] How to make money during coronavirus outbreak.

    Only human ways please.
  16. ellay

    Coronavirus thoughts

    Hi all. What are your thoughts about all this story about coronavirus? When will this end and what condition is your country and area in now. Are you afraid?
  17. ellay

    How do you read BlakHatWorld ?

    I mean do you just surf chaotically or refreshing the main page or do you regularly visit sub forums you are interested in ?
  18. ellay

    Iz Followiz smm panel a scam site?

    Hello. Is Followiz a scam website? Seems they are scamming. Any experience before opening a shitlist thread.
  19. ellay

    Best money exchanging service?

    Hello, dear friends. Can you please advice service or website for exchanging money between different payment methods (PayPayl, BTC, Skrill, Card. etc). Any experience?