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  1. cosmo89

    Need Grammarly premium

    Looking to get Grammarly premium PM me if you are selling one. Thanks
  2. cosmo89

    Looking for ReactJS developer

    Hi, I am looking for a ReactJS developer for website development. Need to develop an Anime website, we already have the mockup. PM me your details with your portfolio, and we will discuss further. Thanks
  3. cosmo89

    AI Generated article writing service

    Hi I am looking for AI generated article writing service. Need 30-40 articles for now. Budget $2 / 1K words per article. Let me know if you can help me out. PM me your details.
  4. cosmo89

    Looking for Expert Developer to help me with Social Network for Anime Tv shows

    As the title says, I am looking for well experienced and multi-fluent development language person, who can help me with developing this Anime fan's social network. We have the mockup design, so you will know what we required, looking for a good and long-term person because we have regular...
  5. cosmo89

    Looking for Google ads Expert

    I am looking for Google ads expert for our store. We have a monthly budget and planning to start with search and display ads, for now, then move to the next shopping ads as well. We want to get more orders, and if the results a good, we can sure work longterm. So do connect with me if you have...
  6. cosmo89

    Looking for a content writer

    I am looking for content writer for my service and magazine sites. We have all niches, so you need to be creative and learner as well. Minimum 1500 -2000 words per article. I want to work together for longterm, do send me your details with samples, and price. You have to be flexible, SEO...
  7. cosmo89

    Whats your ETH price prediction in 2022?

    I am a pro Bitcoin and ETH guy and i already see that BTC will acheive $80k atleast by 2022 end. Also, i predict that ETH has strong holds can go up to $17-20k atleast and Layer 2 will be deployed soon, it drives gas fees low and more TPS. I may be wrong future in unpredictable in crypto...
  8. cosmo89

    Sold one more site this week!

    One more victory! Sold my tech magazine site this week for 35X profit. My expense was $550 including the writing article, Since i did the Design and development of the site, SEO and all other stuff. Started this year and grew my site organically by publishing good content. Also my Own SEO...
  9. cosmo89

    A Surprise Gift from ENS!

    All i had to do register a ".ETH" domain in ENS few months and it cost me $60. Today, i received ENS airdrop worth of $16k. Never expected this huge reward from ENS team. Totally Speechless and now i am debt free! lol!
  10. cosmo89

    What do you think of my new domain?

    Just got it, VPN is good niche, and affiliate earnings are high. How would you go for site fully content , reviews or just product comparisons? Thanks
  11. cosmo89

    Looking for a Developer for a custom Job board site

    Hi, I am looking for a developer who is good at automated Job board for a custom site. Not a regular wordpress site. So you need to understand how to make it automation, gaining data from various sites, and show it on our site as a job bord. Also the design have to be better. My budget ...
  12. cosmo89

    What would you build on this one?

    Just got a new domain, what would you build on this domain? Its short and simple, dont want to start a another job board.I thought to work on a career advice forum for freelancers. / remote workers. Thanks and appreciate your comments.
  13. cosmo89

    CBD oil Wholesale Supplier

    I am planning to open a CBD oil online shop. Have a good domain name and already experienced in E-commerce. I am looking for a affordable and good quality CBD oil supplier for my new brand. Yes,it ll be a longterm collaboration if all good with the product. PM me if anyone doing this already...
  14. cosmo89

    Someone help me on this one if this is real or scam site

    Hi, one guy asked me to make a deal via for a website deal. I am bit unsure about this one and looks scammy. I may be wrong, hope someone known this one. Thanks Cosmo
  15. cosmo89

    Sold My 3rd Website Successfully - Here are some takeaways can help you as well.

    Hope you all well and safe! :) I get right to the point, I sold one of my authority magazine site last week for 13X monthly profit. After some up and downs, the buyer found me and done this deal for good. It’s been a year since I started this site and closed the deal as I planned. Sold 3 sites...
  16. cosmo89

    Looking for a Software Developer

    I am looking for a software developer to develop a keyword research tool with Google API. Need an expert to guide and build it. PM me if you are the right person. Cosmo
  17. cosmo89

    [IDEAS] How will you use this domain name?

    I just bought a new domain recently from auction, as an SEO guy myself, I have a lot of ideas going around on this one, a bit hard to stick with the one. Like SEO blog, forum, a keyword tool...etc I am brainstorming ideas, so if you had this name, what would you build? Thanks! Cosmo
  18. cosmo89

    Tech blog question

    I own a tech (geek) magazine site and have general listicles like articles and some how-to articles as well. Growing better, and I am thinking of having a store/sell something, what would be your suggestion? I thought to sell like Funko pop toys via dropshipping, but I little hesitant as well...
  19. cosmo89

    Looking for Amazon Reviews

    Hello, I am looking for reviews. I need 20-30 reviews over period of time.Also I don’t want to get banned in amazon as well, s you should have some experience before as well. PM me your details with price Cosmo
  20. cosmo89

    Looking for dropshipper

    Hi I am interested in dropshipping funko pop toys collection in US , is any one there who is adropshipper on this category? pm me soon. thanks