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  1. Bilal343

    I need Real High Traffic football Sites for Guest Posts

    Hi, I need Real High Traffic football Sites for Guest Posts. Please share only high-traffic sites with reasonable prices. I will give a bulk order. Thanks
  2. Bilal343

    How do I choose and write for a keyword or topic?

    In essence, this depends on what type of website you have, how new it is, what your goals are, and what the competition is doing. Having a local website for an accountant will lead to many different topics than a national e-commerce website that sells fidget spinners. In general, most people...
  3. Bilal343

    How do you measure the quality of your backlinks?

    I have seen different approaches with different clients. Somewhere, It may make sense. Because everyone has their own objective of building links. It depends on the competition of that particular niche they are working in as well. Whatever, a quality link is what everyone wants. But...
  4. Bilal343

    If you have any doubts as to the importance of SEO in today's business landscape - please consider SHEIN for one moment.

    SHEIN is a Chinese online fast fashion retailer founded in 2008 by Chris Xu. The company is known for its affordably priced clothing. In its early stages, SHEIN was considered more of a drop shipping business than a retailer. Currently the company is not involved in clothing design and...
  5. Bilal343

    [Regex Power in #SEO] How to find FAQs you can write answers for and get extra instant #organic traffic?

    First of all: "Instant" = 1-3 months in SEO NOTE: You need some organic data to make this method work. 1) Go to Google Search Console 2) Click "+ New" and choose "Query" 3) Choose "Regex" from the dropdown list 4) Input ^(who|what|where|when|why|how)[” “] 5) Apply This Regex will find you all...
  6. Bilal343

    Hot take: SEO is the most favorable lifestyle industry.

    Hot take: SEO is the most favorable lifestyle industry. I know a lot of people complain, but anyone who's worked a "normal" job prior to getting an SEO role knows the night and day difference between SEO and other industries. I worked as an engineer prior to SEO and the demands of an entry...
  7. Bilal343

    I Need Designer for BST

    Hi, i want to design my BST. Is there any expert to design it? Please DM me with prices and samples.
  8. Bilal343

    Question about PBN sites

    hello, every I have been doing link building and guest posting for a long time. I have helped many clients through quality guest posting. but i have one question in mind. which one of the following will be better to publish a guest post with do follow link? a PBN site with 50 DR ann 1k traffic...
  9. Bilal343

    Link Building Expert new to BHW

    Hi Everyone. I am Bilal, a Link Building specialist and outreach expert for guest posting. I joined BHW a few days ago. but could not introduce myself due to some reasons. I am here now to Explore this wonderful forum.