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  1. flow

    Need someone to write an iPhone unlocking guide

    Moto, does it unlock all iPhones, old and new?
  2. flow

    Need someone to write an iPhone unlocking guide

    Please PM me an offer. It shouldn't be that hard since all this info is on the web. Just a matter of compiling and organizing. It's OK if you use free guides from the web. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS. Requirements: -Must be a guide for unlocking all iPhones old and new for free. Of course...
  3. flow

    Best way to use a domain to SEO another?

    Thanks GreyWolf.. now let me ask you-- SFWaterBabies probably doesn't have much of a chance to rank for 'san fransisco swimming lessons' so in general is the technique outlined above the best way to grab the SE traffic for 'san fransisco swimming lessons'?
  4. flow

    Best way to use a domain to SEO another?

    Hey all, long time no talk. Good to be back :D So let's say I have (pretend it's the business name of my swimming lessons) and I also have (pretend "san francisco swimming lessons" has high search volume and low SE competition). What's the...
  5. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    Mac, unfortunately it's my biggest earner.
  6. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    Hey mr.breakit, I appreciate the help but I'd rather not reveal the product. I think I'm doing the right thing by creating more marketing avenues, but any ideas to do it quicker, easier, or even sneaky, would be great.
  7. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    Anyone have any ideas? Christmas is spiking sales massively and I'm worried they're going to put up a fight for my earnings.
  8. flow

    Girl wants to bang me, that is a strip club waitress

    You can get herpes with a condom. So either way, you're fucked.
  9. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    Thanks for the tips madblacker but I'm really trying to figure out how to legitimize this a little more just in case they try to keep my earnings.
  10. flow

    Girl wants to bang me, that is a strip club waitress

    Except condoms don't protect you from all STDs... I think you better get an STD test LMAO
  11. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    Any help at all would be hugely appreciated!
  12. flow

    Advice on copyright + advertising

    A while ago I started promoting Widgets and so I bought a long tail keyword domain with their brand name in it: for example. I started bidding on Widgets in Adwords and then the owner of Widgets got in contact with me to tell me to stop bidding on the Widgets keyword. I...
  13. flow

    The Official "I just fucked up' Thread

    Spent a lot of time figuring out ad copy for my first PPC campaign for an affiliate program... after fumbling around in Adwords I finally get it all up and running and the next day I get a call from the advertiser telling me to take it down because they don't want me competing on their keyword...
  14. flow

    LMAO This is what happens when you are too OBSESSED with World of Warcraft

    He pushed the shoe into his butt. It's obviously fake LOL I think* this one is real though, and fucking awesome:
  15. flow

    Megarotic/Megaporn question

    MegaPorn's TOS: So be careful with your watermarks...
  16. flow

    PR 4 Site is #2 in serps for Competive Keyword

    I'd hire someone in your position. If you want to do it yourself, you better start reading. Shoot for geo-specific keywords since you're a local business. Ie: headshots chicago
  17. flow

    The swine flu mandatory vaccines

    I've researched enough to understand that organizations like the FDA don't always keep our safety and health as their top priority. This whole thing looks to me like a whole lot of fear mongering and vaccine sales. I think it's worth posting this again: you*
  18. flow

    Market Samurai Research Interpretation Thread

    ?? MS has backlink anchor text analysis and backlink PR analysis.
  19. flow! How do you get one of these mutations?!
  20. flow

    Your kids are watching this.

    The video is definitely 'off'.. I'm certain it wasn't made for kids LOL I think it's funny for it's eccentric humor but I understand how it is inappropriate for kids. The playfulness, puppetry, and music removes all of the reality of a pipebomb. I wasn't referring to the video with my nudity...