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  1. AmberJones

    Why are even big channels now uploading lot of shorts?

    they will pay shorts but 20x way less than long videos
  2. AmberJones

    Power Of AI Content

    uhmm...Jepper Creepers?
  3. AmberJones

    New girl here

    Hi, new boy here
  4. AmberJones

    How Can I Index Like This?

    did you mean index a webpage and not a backlink? Live streams usually index very fast since it is live stream....after all how can people get it live if google wont index them
  5. AmberJones

    Shorts problem yt

    I have 2 strikes and my shorts are getting 20x more than my normal vids so I guess strikes doesnt matter
  6. AmberJones

    Stop trying to rank pages with links. This doesn't work.

    how to focus on site authority? links :D:D PBN is the key
  7. AmberJones

    Journey to $100,000/month on YouTube in 2023 [at $45,000/m currently]

    how many channels, all faceless? AI voice? ETC?
  8. AmberJones

    Am I allowed to choose niches about health and medicine ?

    You have the knowledge and all you have to do is an older domain with good authority you can read about it from this all means go for it if you know what youre capable of doing and think you can compete the knowledge from MayoClinic and so many other big boys then go. You dont...
  9. AmberJones

    full time blogging business

    I mean Im lazy LOL so that says it all
  10. AmberJones

    full time blogging business

    dang thats a lot of work
  11. AmberJones

    Are you watching the World Cup?

    yes last month I watched World Cup 5th window and USA lost and got eliminated its sad that they didnt send Kevin Durant or Steph Curry
  12. AmberJones

    Who Will Win The FIFA World Cup 2022?

    what is fifa?
  13. AmberJones

    What do YOU think is the "best" Programming Language & Why?

    C++ and PHP for web
  14. AmberJones

    [FREE METHOD] good for lazy people $30/day easy

    you mean people still play WOW?
  15. AmberJones

    What's the most boring sport to watch?

    101% SUCKER I mean Soccer almost an hour back and forth of boring wasted time while your neck twisting left and right but still score is zero even a goal isnt even exciting a bit. No ankle breaker , no acrobatic shots, no high flying power slams, no hard bloody fouls .....just lame
  16. AmberJones

    [Please Read] Need A theme Like This Site

    yeah most likely generatepress and a little bit css tweaks, although he deleted author, version, descriptive tags etc so wp theme detectors wont detect but the body and footer classes is very similar to generatepress.... or he just made it look like genaratepress from a blank slate I dot know
  17. AmberJones

    How to make a backlink?

    yea right like 99% of them are no follow
  18. AmberJones

    How this can be happening? (YT Views from SMM)

    a little too expensive
  19. AmberJones

    The oldest BHW Member?

    been a member since 2010 and this is my 5th account since I kept forgetting my password and cant access email I wasnt so active and serious that time anyway. On 2010 Ive seen so many old members I wonder how old they are now Im sure most of them are still active here
  20. AmberJones

    Easily earn $1700 monthly by self-made AI content

    edited articles or you just upload them as is w/o editing?