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  1. Eiffel

    How to unfollow those who don't follow you fast?

    I am new to Pinterest and need some help to understand how to unfollow those who don't follow me, and do it fast, with or without a tool. Right now, I follow these steps: - Click on "following" on my page. - Open each account that I am following - Click on their "following" list and scroll...
  2. Eiffel

    Blogging Journey To $1000 Per Month

    This journey thread will be to hold myself accountable and share my progress. Journey Goal The goal is to create an income stream with a blog promoting affiliate as well as my own products. The idea is to build a blog with regular posts using low-comp keywords for SEO, as well as use the...
  3. Eiffel

    [JOURNEY] $100 a Day With Low Content KINDLE Publishing

    Hi there! The aim of this journey thread is to hold myself accountable and more importantly, help someone who may be able to follow on or learn from my experience. Even if you learn one single thing from what I write or get spurred into action yourself, I will consider the primary aim...
  4. Eiffel

    Websitebabble forum shutting down

    One of the oldest blogging/ webmaster forums on the internet, Websitebabble, is being retired by the owner Lisa. There is a sticky thread in the announcement section of that forum. She says that it costs too much to maintain as compared to the revenues, with very little traffic and active...
  5. Eiffel

    [KINDLE journey] Zero to 100 Dollars a Day With Self-Publishing

    This journey is for accountability as well as for those who would like to get some inspiration and join in to earn an income from self-publishing. The readers market is getting bigger with an ever increasing demand for books that will only get bigger as the years go by. Tabs and smartphones...
  6. Eiffel

    Hello BHW Members

    Firstly, a big hello to all members! I have been in the SEO world for some years now and hope to learn as well as contribute some on BHW.