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    Bitches @ DP

    earlier in march i sold a site on DP and i was promoting CPA offers on that site and i told the buyer before selling the site that CPA offers is the revenue source, today when i visited the site i saw this:
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    Help me sell my sites

    Hello, i wanted to sell some sites. i'll send u the list via PM. Regards
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    Advice Needed

    Hello, Fellow member's i need your advice regarding this Domain: should i sell it or should i make a Site and Keep It or Sell It After Making a Site??:(
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    German motorway strewn with notes

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    Streaming Views

    Hello Guys i need your advice and help.i wanted to know tht how can i increase number of live viewers in a justin tv channel if u can help plz visit in :( if it is allowed:o
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    Tsunami after South Pacific quake

    A 7.9 magnitude quake which struck about 209km (130 miles) south-east of Tonga has triggered a tsunami in the South Pacific. Waves have likely hit parts of Tonga, Samoa and other islands, the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says, but there are no immediate reports of damage.
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    Need a Partner For CSing

    Hi Guys I Have a ShoppingAds Account And I Also Have The Flash Code For Stuffing Auctions But I Don't Have PayPal And Ebay Seller Account Because I Live In Pakistan And PayPal Doesn't Work Here So I Need a Partner I Will Give Him 50% Of Wht Ever We Will Earn And All The Earning Will Be Directly...
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    PayPal Verification

    Hi Guys i have a PayPal A/C With 25$ Balance But The Problem Is Tht I Live In Pakistan And PayPal Doesn't Work Here So I Was Thinking Of Either Giving It Away For Free Or In Exchange Of Web Hosting :( Need You Advice And Offers P.S. PayPal A/C Is Indian So This Offer Is For Indians Only.:)
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    Sock and Awe

    Guys Have a Look At This "Sock and Awe" pits players against President
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    Guys I Need Your Help

    Hi Guys I Applied To Azoogle Ads And They Have Sent Me An E-Mail Containing A Document It Contains Some Questions Which Are To Be Answered.Please Help Me :(
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    Google SearchWiki
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    Hi Guys I Wanted To Know That If Any 1 Tried Amazon MTurk.
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    Web Hosting For Warez Site

    Hi Guys I Started A Warez Site In August 2008 And It Started To Generate 5000 Visitor's Daily But Got Banned Yesterday:( What Should I Do:confused: Should I Buy A Dedicated Server?