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  1. Toulalan122

    I need to find some program to track instagram activity and more info , Help!

    Hello :) I need your help to find proper program online that can help me track someones instagram activity. I have the login info just need to setup some program to run so I can do. If it is possible for Facebook as well that would be nice. Please guys give me advice and let me know on this...
  2. Toulalan122

    150k views on Youtube Video, is there any way to monetize this?

    Hi guys, As title says, my close friend got 150k viewers on his art Youtube video, is there any chance to get some bucks of this video or the 150k views is too low for that? We dont know about any ways or methods to get paid some money on this, anyone knows more about this to help me understand...
  3. Toulalan122

    Making a few bucks per day!

    Hi guys As title says, I am looking for advice on how to make only a few dollars per day , without having to be the internet wizzard, or computer master :) Thanks
  4. Toulalan122

    Need good video cutter , cropper, recommend

    Hello :) As the title say's I want to cutt the certain video and I can not find a legit cutter that actually works. Do you guys have any recommendation on a good video cutter that can do the simple job for me to cut a certain video from 03:00 to 04:00 :) Thanks!!
  5. Toulalan122

    Gramblr is not working for instagram, how do I post photos on comp

    Gramblr seems to not be working anymore, which other program I can use to post the pictures on my instagram profile, using my computer... TNX! :)
  6. Toulalan122

    Make this kind of section with purpose of making things easier!

    So what I want to say is that it would be nice if there can be made a sections where you will have few different levels of discussion for money making stuff. My example that I want to show is: 500-2k$ range of money section, 2k -5k$ range of money section, 5-10k$ range of money, 10k - 20k$...
  7. Toulalan122

    Portfolio in US and outside US. Help

    Hello guys I am interested to know is it possible to make money portfolio with stocks and bonds if im not from US, I am coming from some small country Serbia, atm I live in Ukraine and I wonder if I can invest some money in stocks but is it possible to make portfolio etc. Also what are...
  8. Toulalan122

    Instagram profile randomly following..

    My personal profile instagram account has started randomly following accounts, aFter some time like 2 days I get new 150-200 accounts popping up that I followed, so I manually unfollow them and then after few days it repeats. Anyone know about this and do I have some option to stop this going...
  9. Toulalan122

    Youtube How?

    Hello , I need some help with understand how this Youtube thing works I am newb and I have some idea that I would like to make some videos and post on profile so I can share with people in my country that I think will be interested in watching them. and also might be streaming ocasionally I...
  10. Toulalan122

    Can I open bank account in foreign country?

    Hello, as title states can I open bank account in foreign country just with my passport? Do I have right to get one without having to be a resident there?
  11. Toulalan122

    Video program?

    Hey guys I am looking for any advice is there are any programs that can save some videos that I am watching so I can watch them later. I have subscribed for one month in some training site and they have plenty of videos that interest me but maybe I am not gonna watch them all this month but I...
  12. Toulalan122

    Trying to put new mic on my lap, hoow

    So basically I had lately some session with my student where I teach him and he said that can't hear me well. So I need to buy a good mic, I will do that but knowing that lap already has a mic I do not know what will happen once I plug in new mic. Is there any way I can shut down the old mic...
  13. Toulalan122

    What means "DM"" on instagram

    I can not see any privaate messages option on Instagram, I see a lot talkings DM me or something, what is that. haaaalp :)
  14. Toulalan122

    Unwanted spam site pop ups, Help! :)

    Hello, I am sorry if im in wrong section, I have been looking where to post and I couldnt find apropriate section. I have problems with my Google Chrome recently. After a while some unwanted site just pops up (Mainly some cam porn or porno sites). It is annoying and my computer is sometimes...
  15. Toulalan122


    Is Paypal only for people from US? Im outside of US, I just registered, I verified my credit card, but I can not find the way to upload funds into my paypal. I can not see that option, please help me out. I have used only Skrill moneybookers before, but there is a problem because some sites only...
  16. Toulalan122

    How to NOT make money $$$ --- in here

    As title says... Lets share some funny fail projects and try to explain on how to not make money. Tired of everydays spam threads? Like: Lets make money, how to make it, how to grow it, how I became rich, how I made 100$, how to become millionare etc. Lets see something new, How TO NOT make...
  17. Toulalan122

    Can I put on some work my 2 computers ?

    As title says I have 2 computers sitting in my home. I was wondering if there are some ways to put them working something passively? Especially when I am on my job they are being totally useless, in that period of time if I could make them do something that will make even least amount of $ would...
  18. Toulalan122

    What is Gig?

    Hello, I want to ask what is Gig, first time I see this I do not understand, can someone explain to me. Thanks
  19. Toulalan122

    Is Gramblr safe to use for instagram photo upload?

    AS title says, I been growing one account and I use Gramblr mainly for Photo upload, I found it very friendly and easy to use. I do not know if it is safe thought for instagram in long run when I want to use it for more accounts... Please enlignthen me :D