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  1. colorme

    Tried all Marketplace Instagram likes

    As all of you know, they are all having problems. Barely getting you 10 out of 1K likes, most of the time not delivering. And of course, 10 hours or 24 hours after you order. Has anyone found a working Instagram likes provider? And preferably, human looking accounts. Much appreciated.
  2. colorme

    Jarvee - Anyone getting stuck with “Search our n Progress”?

    Since the last 2 updates, about 90% of accounts that I handle are getting stuck when either following, unfollowing, liking or story viewing with the message “Search in Progress.” Anyone else experiencing this? It’s annoying as I have to go into each account and check all tabs to make sure none...
  3. colorme

    Any way to create proxies with Spectrum static IPs?

    Is there a way to create proxies from Spectrum static IPs for use on Jarvee? I heard of Surfboard SB5101 loaded with Haxorware, but no luck finding anything online other than buying the modem. No info on how to set up the proxies from a block of IPs coming in from Spectrum internet.
  4. colorme

    Jarvee thread is closed. What’s up with that?

    Thread has been closed. Anyone knows why? Maybe they don’t want to pay BHW, or forgot, or don’t need to advertise on BHW anymore?
  5. colorme

    Anyone tried to make Spectrum Business IPs as Proxies?

    Has anyone had luck turning Spectrum Business IPs into Proxies? If so, how? Spectrum told me that each IP must be physically connected to their modem, and if it's more than 4 IPs, then a customer provided router that will assign an IP to each of the devices. Once Spectrum provides the IPs...
  6. colorme

    Are cable provider Business IPs good?

    Depending on where in the US you are, if you have a business/commercial office and are getting cable through a known provider, are their business IPs good for boting with Jarvee? I believe large agencies don’t use proxies for running their client account. Anyone that works at a large agency can...
  7. colorme

    Reason why Jarvee only uses non-iPhone user agents?

    Is there a main reason why Jarvee does not use iPhone for API?
  8. colorme

    Which Geolocation Database does Instagram use?

    I know about But, my clients have been getting messages from Instagram saying "We noticed a new login from a device you don't usually use" and a location that my proxies are not using. I check the proxy on different geolocation places...
  9. colorme

    Jarvee Like Exchange Accounts Get Hit with PV

    Don't know if it's just coincidence, but some real accounts that I put in the Like Exchange (to give, not receive) likes, got hit with PV. Got the seems your account is being used on tools to do likes, or something like that. First time that the accounts were on the Like Exchange. Seems that...
  10. colorme

    Jarvee, how do you like posts of your own accounts

    Let's say you have the following accounts (Instagram, or Twitter or FB) 1 2 3 4 5 All accounts above post or tweet daily. How do you guys set up Jarvee so that account 1 likes posts from accounts 2, 3, 4, 5; and account 2 likes posts from accounts 1, 3, 4, 5, etc?
  11. colorme

    How Instagram knows who's using likes from panels

    Quick response: Easily! Detailed response: IG has users buy likes and followers from SMM panels. Everyone coming into those accounts if flagged. They keep buying from different providers until they get 2+ hits from the same account(s). Then they make a decision to either temp block those...
  12. colorme

    California based Yelp reviews

    Hi, Need info and pricing for Yelp reviews, must be California businesses. This is for a digital marketing company. Must have guarantee of sticking. No foreign accounts nor names, non-English language, nor bad spellers. Please let me know your rates for 5-25 reviews, 26-50, etc. Thanks,
  13. colorme

    IFTTT is nice, but is there a Twitter to Instagram sharing app?

    IFTTT has some cool gadgets for sending posts from Insta to Twitter. But they don't have anything for the other way around. To send Tweets to Instagram. Does anyone know of an app that does this? Been searching on the Apple app store, nothing.
  14. colorme

    Does Jarvee have a Twitter Scraper for your Own Followers/Following?

    I know that Jarvee IG has the scraping tool to get your own followers and following, and you can later import those into the Whitelist. How has everyone using Jarvee, done a Whitelist for their Twitter accounts?
  15. colorme

    Best Software to Add Site to Online Directories

    Which is the best software to add a website to Good online directories (not spammy sites, etc)?
  16. colorme

    Any working Instagram likes services?

    got clients wanting to get likes on their posts. Tried a few of the old timer services on BHW, they’re down. Anyone can recommend a working provider for Instagram likes? And real looking accounts at that, not the usual sluts or 3 posts in an account with a weird Asian name.
  17. colorme

    Best IG panel for Likes and Impressions

    Anyone has good experience with any IG panel here on BHW that has likes and real impressions from real looking or real human accounts? I've tried many here and their likes are OK, but they always say they send you impressions, but by looking at insights of the previous 7-10 posts (on which no...
  18. colorme

    Anyone been able to recover an Instagram account that is no longer available?

    Has anyone been able to recover an account that is no longer valid/available? For example: htttps:// Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.
  19. colorme

    For those getting action blocked on Instagram

    Found something sneaky that Instagram is doing if you are using bots to follow/unfollow. If you are getting action blocked for following/unfollowing, one of the main reasons could be that you are only using "follow scraped users from a list", instead of scraping from followers that follow an...
  20. colorme

    World Record Egg - most liked photo

    Anyone has an insight on this account? One post since Jan 6, 2019; and now has millions of likes and IT'S VERIFIED. WTF?? To me looks like an inside deal.