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    Need someone to create login/signup form.

    I need a login/singup form to be created for this website : The theme should match with the website. Please quote price and eta. Thanks.
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    Need someone well versed with bootstrap and mobile responsiveness

    Also, please quote your rate and some previous sample work.
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    Need someone for psd to html conversion

    Please post your rates and some samples of past. I have one psd which needs to converted into html. Thanks.
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    Pinterest Service Bot

    Hi guys, The other day I was thinking to automate my pinterest tasks, so I made bot. But I was thinking why wait here, why not expose this as service so others can use it too and may be I can start selling it as service at some point later. Currently the service has following operations ...
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    Need a designer

    Hi, I need a designer to do a job. The job will be disclosed in PM. Thanks.
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    Need VCC for paypal verification.

    I need to verify USA pp account. Please post all your offers here only. No PMs would be entertained.
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    US Verified Paypal Account

    As stated, how much will it cost to me ?
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    Forum Content Generator

    Hi I am working on this for quite a long time. Any ideas ?
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    FB Ads JV

    I have few facebook ads account at disposal. PM me and we can have JV. They are currently funded using 150$ vouchers.
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    FB Ads JV

    I have few facebook ads account at disposal. PM me and we can have JV. They are currently funded using 150$ vouchers.
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    Ad Scraper for [email protected]

    I am designing ad scraper for facebook that can scrape hundreds of ads and prepare a database of such ads. I am also planning to open a service website, where a user can enter a keyword and see ads related to that keyword. Please give me your valuable suggestions/comments. PS : I have...
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    Need some to make verified paypal accounts

    Contact me if you can make it, I can provide the vcc.
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    My first attempt with FB ads

    How is it ? Gonna try more this weekend.
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    I have apps, many apps.

    I have apps, if you have traffic pm me and we can split the profits. PM me if interested.
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    For those who are adding friends on fb

    Read this :
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    Need 5 people for beta testing my facebook platform

    I need 5 beta testers for facebook platform that I have build. Currently, it has only one application, but I am thinking to test everything before I move on to make another. I had earned more than 2k $ using my platform when I was using alone. For beta testers, you should have good...
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    [WTB] Virtual assistant from India 100 $ PM

    Requirements : 1) Must be english speaking. 2) Must give daily updates about the task been done. 3) Must have internet connection with dynamic ip. PM me your details. Regards.
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    Need people with multiple facebook accounts

    PM me , task is related to advertising with many posts in various pages. Regards.
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    What to do ?

    Okay straight to business lol. I have a domain and it has been asked by to surrender to DreamWorks Animation. They are asking for unlock code and authorization code to transfer the domain. What should I do ? Should I ask for some money or leave it...
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    How much time bukisa takes to approve articles ?

    How much time does bukisa takes to approve articles ? Any idea guys ?