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    Can mass emailing from one domain affect deliverability on the domain it redirects to?

    Suppose I use [email protected] to send important emails and [email protected] to send mass emails and domain 2 redirects to domain 1. So if delivery of domain 2 is effected, does it effect domain 1 as well?
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    How can I find medium size pages and content sites who will reply?

    My team is working on an email marketing service which is ridiculously cheaper than Mailchimp and can handle email marketing blasts quickly. I want to reach out content sites and Facebook pages. How do I find them? For example I don't want to contact small sites which have less than 10,000...
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    Is it still possible to extract emails from facebook?

    I read that facebook changed policy in 2016 and extracted facebook emails don't redirect emails to mailboxes. Any alternative to this?
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    Want to do Shopify+Aliexpress dropshipping. Any tax stuff/GST I need to take care about? INDIA

    I live in India. I want to start this business. Once the buyer buys from US, I will order it from aliexpress directly. So i wont have any inventory. Is there any tax obligations? do I need to file GST? will i need to register an LLC? Do i need a business checkin account?
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    Will Addon domain instead of a new hosting plan(namecheap) effect SEO?

    I already have another domain hosted on my namecheap plan. It is not using much resources. I want to host another website (amazon affiliate). Should I add it as add on domain on the hosting plan or should I buy a new hosting plan. I can make the switch when required. Trying to be cost...
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    Noob attempt at ranking a low comp. amazon keyword purchased from Zlatan And BTB

    So, I have been lurking the forum for a long time now. This will be my first real attempt at SEO. I have already tried to rank a blackhat keyword and made good progress but I will pause that one for now since I want to have a go at a white hat keyword. And this will be the real deal till I rank...
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    Found secret entertainment portal on BHW. You're welcome!

    If you are super bored and need some laughs, all you have to do is visit @Diamond Damien 's profile and read the posts. Here's a demo...
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    Site gets ranked after crawling then gets deindexed after few days and ranks again after recrawling

    So I created a niche site almost 2 weeks back, EMD, low competition. No link building or social signals have been done. I thought of waiting sometime before link building. After crawling the site for the first time it got ranked 75 for the target keyword. Then after 1-2 days it disappeared from...
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    Main page went out of SERPs, contact us page ranking.

    So I created a site a few days back with EMD. I added one page(750 words) and contact us, terms of services page and did some on page SEO. Yesterday I added the domain to google console for crawling and got a ranking of 75 without any link building. So I decided to add some more pages to the...
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    Is it safe to use webmaster tool account for a new site which has been previouslyUsedFor banned site

    As the title suggests i want to use webmaster tool to index a new site. the account with which i want to use the tool has been already used by me to index a churn n burn site in the past which has now been banned. Is it safe to use the same account to add the new site?
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    Noob question, what happens to PBNsif google decides to disregard authority of expired domains?

    I have been reading and studying PBN strategy lately and this popped to my head. Obviously it's not that simple since if it were google would have already implemented it. But still it bothers me, what if google resets the link juice of expired domains? What if any registered domain is considered...
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    How much money will I need to get started? (not SEO)

    My goal - 1500$/month no rush. I can wait for money to show up. I know i need money to start off. I am not going after SEO since that would need a lot of money because I don't have a gold mine niche on my head. I am willing to work over facebook or Instagram. How much money should I put...
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    Want to start again as a noob.. Advice from fellow members needed..

    So.. i am not a new member here.. i have another account from which i used to read and ask questions every now and then.. following BHW for 2 years now.. I want to start fresh again hence the new account. Here's my story... (yeah its crappy boring so you may want to skip) I am from a small...