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    amazon App Publisher needs help

    Hi i have published 3 apps in amazon Appstore Total Sale was 428.16 USD But Today the payment amount was given only 196 USD they deducted 30% Amazon Commission + 30% US TAX? What to do now? I am non US publisher I am an indian publisher So i should liable to pay tax to indian govt not to US...
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    how can i convert your PDF into a page flipping android app ?

    how can i convert your PDF into a page flipping android app ? I tried to find a lot on google but can't find that valuable info I know basic android app coding made few apps and published on play store can anyone know how to do that let me reply on this thread any link of tutorial or any...
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    how can i get edu email address?

    how can i get edu email address? i could not find any working way for this
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    is it safe to order from Alibaba

    i am interested in buying product in bulk i found one seller on alibaba and talked with him and we both agree at price But she is asking for 30% advance payment is it safe to buy ? the seller is of Guangdong , China
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    Etoro Forex Trading Need Suggestion

    i heard many time of forex trading and earning alot.. ETORO is coming many times in front of me.. is there anyone who invested money in etoro? Should i invest in it or not? Need Suggestion.
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    [Help] facebook number for US

    hi i am from India. i just want to know FACEBOOK NUMBER FOR US in india if i want to verify a number on faceboook i have to send "FB" to 919232232665. So i just want to know that number for US ( for india 919232232665). can anyone help me with that??? waiting for your help .
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    [WARNING] Don't upload smartphone pictures

    Well, just be careful doing so. Some of you probably know, but it's something that will happen to you every once it a while.I'm talking about Exif data. Watch : don't know if this is right place to post or not but i found this useful for me so just shared it here..!!!
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