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    EMD - Case Study

    Thanks for great experiment, was helpful to me too...
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    I'm looking for a thread

    I can't help you directly but I can give the idea to search this forum.. First of all, remember the thread, any word like web 2.0 links, pyramid, tire links, link wheel etc. put one of them in Google like this web 2.0 or Pyramid to find......
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    domain name for free?

    Actually, Google banned this extension due to lots of spam..
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    Index Your Websites In 0 Second !!!! Tested. Work perfectly!

    Thanks for helpful post, it helped me too.
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    On-Page SEO Optimization/Ranking [Advanced Tutorial]

    It is better to concentrate on on-page optimization elements, these elements are: keyword density title tag optimization meta tags categories tag bold/italic heading unique content image optimization etc.
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    Wrote my 1st 800 word article

    Content is very important part of SEO and internet marketing today, if you write good content, people would find you in search engines.
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    Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

    Great information - an overview of how our blog should look... thanks...
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    Should i be worried about my domain name?

    You would get benefit too, if their visitors miss-spelt and and came to your site.. However, if you have built brand name with an unique logo then visitors would know you form that logo as well and if they miss spelled then they would correct...
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    FREE backlink tool- (Get 500 backlinks created and pinged automatically!!)

    Well, I don't use any tool to create backlinks so it is useless for me..... People are not getting result building manual and quality links, how can you get ranking with these tools?
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    How many web 2.0 can I link to the same money site?

    Yes, if you are building links then you have to do it naturally and link to only quality sites, spam sites wouldn't be helpful these days.
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    finally got high pr 9 ,8 backlink.

    Did you get link on pr9 page, actual page or it is home page but the link page rank is NA? You won't get much benefit...
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    Ranking Fail?...

    You are talking of Alexa rank in millions even 16.5, I assume you may hardly be getting around 10 to 20 visitors..
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    Method to get PR5+ Expired Domains

    Thanks, I have already acquired a pr4 domain via this method.
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    Want's 5k for Domain

    I think you caught with a domain name marketer.... If they sell in few dollars then good otherwise you can register a new domain, you just need to be a little creative.. thats the thing..
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    Domain for sale

    Can you show me your domains if they are useless to you, they may be helpful to me as well?
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    Free domains (godaddy push)

    If you can please give me harlidavison (.) com Thanks
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    1&1 is just TERRIBLE!

    I always prefer to buy domain names from Godaddy Dynadot Monikar they are too popular in the market and they are very professional they have good support team.
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    Friend is offering me a domain.

    If the domain is related to your skill, if you think you can utilize that domain then you can buy as well, $10 not much.
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    Need quick advice from experienced blogger.

    You should have used the url, it was really too helpful to you..... now you can start freshly with url..
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    sitemap plugins

    And there are many other xml sitemap plugin, just put the search term in plugin search "xml plugin" and you would find many, you can use according to your specification. And yes, you don't need to submit two sitemaps to WMT, one is enough. Thanks