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    [Official] | Link Locker | Monetize Your Link Traffic Today

    Hey BHW! I am here to announce the 'official' but soft launch of our new link locking service, I would like to use this thread to answer any questions and to announce new features to the network. First, What is We provide a link locking service to help you monetize your...
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    Looking for publishers to test new link locking service

    I am looking for existing publishers who promote via link lockers. We need someone who is able to drive traffic, test our system and give feedback. 3 Things to know before: Must be a US, Canada or UK resident We currently only payout via PayPal Let us know what countries you drive traffic from...
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    EWA backs CPA Tank

    despite all their claims which they do not
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    iFraming Offers - Any way to avoid extremely low conversion rate on network side?

    Does anyone here have success with iFraming a CPA offer on their website and having decent conversions? I use GhostCPA (GodCPA) to iframe my offers, but reviving almost 1% conversion rate, if that. I have rotated through different offers and have received over 3,000 clicks, but with maybe 5...
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    I never make these threads, but my friends band needs help

    Hey, I am reaching out to see if any of my fellow BHW'ers can help out on this request. My friends band counterpunch is looking to play at Chicago's Riot Fest. Its a huge punk-rock fest here in chicago (with big name bands like Offspring, Rise Against, AWOLNation, etc and would be amazing...
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    Anyone want my Twitter account?

    I created it years ago, but amazon does not allow affiliates in my state anymore. its!/amazonlightning could be good to use for amazon lightning deals (which was I originally created it for). Only 9 followers. First person to PM me their email can have it, and I will...
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    wow, leadbolt refuses pay because I am $0.12 short

    I never had this issue with any other cpa company, they were always willing to go the extra length to issue my payments, even if I was under their threshold. I have stopped using content lockers all-together and with leadbolt, I have been just .12 cents short of their threshold ($100) for a...
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    [Get] Website to scrape hundreds of thousands of emails from

    I found a web2.0 site that posts the users email at the bottom of every page. - 283,000 indexed pages Google Search Results: If you scroll to the bottom of each user's page...
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    Need Advice - Got a C&D Letter from network

    Long story short. Was running a TV Show website that embedded megavideo episodes. Lawyers of this network tv show sent me a C&D letter to take down the material. I completely took down the site for about 3 months. Later rebuilt it to be an information website on the shows tv episodes...
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    Looking for someone to spyntax a 1084 word article with 90% uniqueness

    I am looking for someone who can create a complex spyntax on a 1084 word article and keep it with 90% uniqueness every time. I will provide the article I would like around 2-3 variations of each sentence and 3-4 variations of every other word in these sentences. These sentences must be...
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    I cant do it!!

    I cant find ANY time to do my IM'ing. I have a 9-5 along with 2 kids (6 years and 9 months), and I try so hard to set aside time to do IM, but its almost impossible. There has not been a time where I can sit infront of the computer for more than 45 minutes. How do you guys with kids make time...
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    Does anyone else recognize my avatar?

    can anyone guess where its from?
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    Question and Tip for Getting your Backlink on high PR pages

    So I made some comments on high PR blogs without the comment/backlink getting removed. I am sure some of you know this method and it might be new to others. I am questioning if this backlink technique is actually useful and would provide good results? The method is linking the "." (period) in...
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    Looking for a CPA Network that has good converting email submits

    I been using a certain known network that has a fair amount of first page email submits. I have sent 1,000 legit submits in the past couple days but only 3 have converted. I am iframing the submit box, but in the iframe code, I am linking it from a legit site that uses this CPA offer as a...
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    I fucked up - Need information here not moral views

    edit: nevermind, please delete thread
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    Netflix CPA - Which Networks have them?

    The only network I currently know of that offers netflix is Google Affiliate Network, but they denied me of promoting netflix offers. Does anyone know of other networks that have Netflix's Affliate Program? Where you get paid for the end user signing up for a free trial. Thanks
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    How to Mass Email Wordpress Users?

    I have a wordpress site which gets about 10 user registerations a day. These are targeted users and I would like to start trying a email campaign. I have tried to use the plugin 'Email Users' but when I tested it out, they went straight into the spam folder. Has anyone had any sucess with...
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    Come on Leadbolt (shit conversions)

    I have been getting 1k visitors (targeted google visitors) to my site every day since saturday and conversions have been shit. With 150 clicks, only 2 or 3 conversions each day. Earlier last month I was getting less then half of that (300 visitors) and still earning more money and higher...
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    [Help] Need websites which stream live cable tv (similar to

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of any sources that show live cable tv (similar to Much appreciated!
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    Quick Tip for those who use Content Lockers (*******, Leadbolt, Adscend)

    I have noticed on all my sites (about 10 websites), each page that I placed a content locker on (over 100 pages across those websites), not one of those pages have been indexed by google. It has been like this for the past 2 years. I ranked first for some high search keywords, but none of the...