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    how to make OGads content locker on my site

    Hi! I used OGads LP till now but I bought a domain and a host today and I placed their LP on my site. It seems like when people getting into my site (and they do) I dont get any clicks at all. I asked my affiliate manager and he told me to set up the content locker but -- how do i do that? I...
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    any idea how he does that?

    see this for an ex. v=CuDHX8D8Fns&lc=z12dejb5ite0u5apz04cfnhx2rrrx3jrrqc0k ----- delete the space on the link he actually searches for the top comment and replies with his account and now NO ONE can reply to that comment anymore (try to...
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    OGads won't work on my site?

    Hi. I used to share OGads LP's untill today - I bought a domain and a host and uploaded it to my own site to make it more realistic and having less issues with IG but it seems like it wont work! I see the LP on my site as usual but it's like OGads won't link with my site. I use bitly to shorten...
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    youtube UPVOTE bot

    hey. i'm looking for a YT upvote bot. need around 40-60 likes in a comment. someone knows a bot or a tool?
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    My videos aren't ranking well.

    Hello there guys. I have a problem in YT. Whatever I do to rank my videos, nothing happens. Here's how I rank them : Firstly, I have a lot of keywords in the title + description. I'm placing tags everywhere, either extra tags in the description. Every single video I upload, I assign it 250...
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    How to gain views expect of Vagex / U2BViews?

    Hello there. I've used to gain views through Vagex and U2BViews especially. U2BViews doesn't seem to be working at all anymore, [to me only.] so i'm looking for a new way to gain views. Is there any other site that I can earn and gain views from? Thank you!
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    How to rank my YT video well?

    Hello there. I'm trying to rank my video for more then a week already but, nothing happens. I've used Vagex, U2BViews to gain some views and likes and it doesn't help. I have around 2k videos in each video, around 100 likes and around 5 comments. What should I do to rank them and get to the...
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    How to use google in order to find a keyword.

    Hello there. I want to check how many people search for the keyword for an example : "Windows 7 serial key" - within the last month. How can I do that? Thanks!