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    How much does it takes to get the first SEO client for your SEO Agency

    DIsagree. You can't get a client and then start to run an SEO agency. What is your client going to do while you spend weeks setting everything up AFTER THEY'VE PAID?
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    .edu links - How is this achieved?

    99% of the time I hate link outreach. In fact, my method of ranking for my clients over the last decade has been to use my own sites. I don't trust anyone's PBNs and link outreach is stupid. CONSIDERING THAT -- link outreach to .edu sites is fine. I have a site that is ranking well because I...
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    How much does it takes to get the first SEO client for your SEO Agency

    I've run an SEO agency for 14 years. It can take a while. The problem with SEO is that anyone can say they have an SEO agency. How are you different from the bunch of other people that contact you every day selling their services?
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    Will you Create a New Website for This Project?

    Your old site will have more authority. Only do it as a new site if you think it will be substantially dissimilar to the old site.
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    Need some TIPS on Monthly SEO

    How did the quora links work? Forum/blog comments are spam. The only links worth buying are links from powerful websites with low OBL and on varied IP addresses around the planet. 99% of sellers do this wrong.
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    Buying links - how to find and filter?

    How to buy backlinks is a good subject. I'm thinking about doing a podcast episode on this topic. Most of what is for sale is a scam. Allow me to tell you one piece of advice: Anything that is a one time purchase is a scam. Selling one time purchase links is not a sustainable business model.
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    [USE CASE] Are Foundation Backlinks Working in 2022?

    Of course backlinks are effective. Great quality backlinks from authoritative sites work. The cheap stuff you find won't work.
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    Does changing domain TDL can have an impact on SEO

    Using .info can lower your ranking. Everything is appears fine.
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    Will you Create a New Website for This Project?

    Does your question pertain to whether you should do it as a new site or have it on your present site?
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    Question about 301 redirect from expired domains

    It has been considered to not work that much anymore. For what reason would a bunch of high ranking domains redirect to another domain?
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    If website has not been crawled for a month does that mean it is penlized or not necessarily?

    Check it out, I have a new blog right now that has only 3 pages indexed on google but a lot indexed on Bing. It's weird. I haven't added any Google applications yet. Related, yeah?
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    Where you guys find good domains for 301 redirects

    Back in the day you would 301 a lot of domains to your homepage and you'd get a bit of a help. Today, not so much. It's really going to be a waste of money if you try this. Say you buy a few domain for a few grand. You 301 them to your homepage and nothing happens. It isn't a good idea.
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    So what si the deal with Native Ads?

    has anyone split test native ads vs adsense?
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    Business showing in "regular SEO" but not map pack for Local SEO

    The map packs have to do with the location of the searcher, right? Are you making the query from the right place?
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    Phone numbers for Local Business for PBNs

    No. Why does it have to be a business website? Why can't your PBN be a normal site? Normal sites don't have addresses.
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    Is pbn-niche relevance important

    What you need to ask yourself is this -- in actual deployment, would all the links come from related sites? Probably not. Therefore it's ok to do it with a PBN. The problems potentially will come from concerns with your PBN, not their topics. In other words, if your PBNs are crummy and spun...
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    Hello there, quesiton about backlinks and risks in local seo

    8 years ago I mixed languages with no problems. I don't know if it's still effective. I don't really do non-English clients anymore.
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    should i buy this link?

    Listen to me. ANY "one time payment" backlink is a scam. There is no way to guarantee you your link will stay online. Would you be mad if your $5k links went offline tomorrow? Or in a week? Or a year? The explanation is long, but I guarantee you this is true.
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    If website has not been crawled for a month does that mean it is penlized or not necessarily?

    Does crawling have anything to do with penalties? Is your site indexed? Yes? You're fine. Google crawls sites based on how regularly you change content. If you haven't made any new publications or anything, there's nothing to crawl.
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    Content clusters question

    Are you referring to having different pages for all of those topics? Or having all those terms on the same page? Ps. "how to be successful money" doesn't make sense. "How to be successful with money" is better.