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    Hiring moderator for adult tube site. $100 / day

    6-7 days per week you look for illegal/questionable content on the home page and top-level pages of 3 adult tube websites You send us the links of any illegal/questionable content you find, we review them and remove the content. Perfect english and strong communication skills is required. Pay...
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    DeFi Lending: the future of crypto

    If you're not savvy to defi lending...don't take it from me, listen to Mark Cuban: In short: You can deposit your ethereum (and a few other tokens) into smart contract DAOs like Aave, Compound, and MakerDAO -- and...
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    Anyone making $$ selling reddit accounts?

    I noticed its pretty easy to get karma on a new account go to a passionate, "groupthink" kind of subreddit -- /r/conservative or /r/antiwork for example -- sort by "new" -- make top-level comments on every new post, agree with the post, drink the koolaid, say what people want to hear -- karma...
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    What software can build links in search engine results?

    I have noticed this link building technique recently, and wonder what software they used to build these links Basically they are finding queries in every search engine they can find (including things like google's foreign versions, weird unknown foreign search engines, etc...things like...