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    To do more backlinks or no?

    I am ranking between 7 and 15 for a few of my keywords and business is ok. Now i want to come in the top 5 rankings and am thinking of link building but am afraid if the link building back fired then i might lose whatever rankings i have. What to do?
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    Local seo monopoly?

    There is this guy in my city whose site always come in top 3 (google local) when I enter the keywords in the search engine. That site has been under construction for years but shows a link to another website and contact details. How can such a site be on top? What can i do to beat that guy in...
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    I can no longer understand Google plus

    It is so confusing to manage your personal page and business page. Plus everything is either connected or you have to manage separately like the business google+ page or google my business and google maps etc. Then I went and found out some photos are there on 1 and not there on another and...
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    Delete content before a 301 redirect?

    My old site page is mywebdomain/about-us.aspx and now i have moved to php+wordpress making the new page as mywebdomain/about-us/ I understand in terms of seo a 301 redirect is the best which means I will be doing 301 redirect: mywebdomain/about-us.aspx -> mywebdomain/about-us/ Since content of...
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    Pagerank Script Needed

    My pagerank script is no longer working and is showing only 0 for all the sites. Does anyone have latest Pagerank source code? Thank you :)
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    Google places help

    I am not even sure if it is called google places but I would like some info on local rankings. 1. Which is the best guide/tutorial/pdf on google local seo? 2. Why is it that when i search web design [my area/my city] then i get no local listings but when i search other terms like florist [my...
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    Does mobile phone company matters or all phones are the same?

    Ya ya i know you will say iphone is the best and how can i compare it with any other phone. That is not what i am asking. I recently browsed the stores and found out that the cost of same config phone ranges a lot. Example: i looked for a phone with android, 5mp cam, 1 ghz processor, dual sim...
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    What to do with a site that gets 2000 uniques per day

    I built a celeb site which is now getting 2000 unique visitors per day. Problem is that 85% of traffic is from India (as it should be bcoz the celeb is indian). What all things i could do to monetize it coz i am earning half a dollar from that site using adsense. CPA intl i dont want to try...
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    Why is this site suddenly ranking #1

    This page has started ranking #1 recently for most of its terms. notiontechnologies (dot) com/web-site-design-services.php‎ This happened 15 days back I noticed this site is using two analytics on one page. Could this be the reason or is this site doing blackhat?
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    How to fool copyscape ?

    Is there a way to fool copyscape with non-unique content showing as unique ? I am sure there is a way as i have seen it. Regards, Ashish
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    Pagerank software

    I have made simple bulk pagerank checker software. How should i modify it so that it scans out high pr links ? Cheers, Thakkar
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    Which is the best adwords guide/tutorial/ebook for 2012 ?

    Which is the best adwords guide, tutorial or ebook for 2012 ? Thanks in advance, Thakkar
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    Fiver blog comments worth it

    I saw on fiver someone submitting to 50,000 blogs for 5 bucks. I think that guy is using scrapebox. is it worth getting it done. Ive heard this is not worthy anymore after the penguin panda update. Should i go for it ? If yes, what should i be aware of ? Thanks, Ashish
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    Indian model website ranking internationally but not locally

    I have made a photo gallery site for a popular indian female model which is ranking on first page of funny thing is that the site is ranking nowhere in the top 5 pages on Why this is happening ? Thanks, Ashish
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    Best way to submit content

    Which are the best places to submit your content to gain backlinks. Below are the places i have already submitted to : 1. EZA 2. Goarticles 3. Ideamarketers 4. Hubpages 5. Squidoo 6. (Own blog) 7. selfgrowth Any other places ? Regards, Thakkar
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    What works as good as Social bookmarking ?

    I am on 2nd page for a particular keyword and wish to jump to page 1. What do you think works as good as social bookmarking for gettting sure shot results ? Thanks, Ashish
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    Google Ad in SERPS or ads on website

    Which is best when using google adwords. To have your ad displayed when someone does a search on google or have your ad on other websites who display it using adsense ? Thanks, Thakkar
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    Where would you post your content articles to get top rankings?

    Lets say you have 25 articles on a topic. How would you manage them to get best ranking ? Dont wish to spin articles or anything. What i have done : -posted 15 articles to main site(blog) -1 article to blogspot linking to main site. -1 article to squidoo linking to main site. -1...
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    How to manipulate Searches related to ?

    Look at the image attached : i searched for web designer mumbai on and got this : How can u do that ?
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    Need blackhat seo coz whitehat doesnt work

    People all around said just build content and that will always help your seo. I do everything that has to be done in ON PAGE SEO. I have also added many unique articles to my site but this has given me only little traffic. I would be thankful if some can guide me blackhat seo tricks or...