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    Facebook Secrets Revealed! Latest Document Leak Actually Useful!

    Facebook's Fake Account Index has been revealed. Facebook ranks your accounts based on how shady they are. Pictures of their GUI and details about tracked metrics are inside. If you don't follow small American conservative news outlets, you missed a large leak from Facebook last week. Worry...
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    Ok, which one of you guys is behind this.

    Seriously which one of you is getting people to chug paint thinner? It's hilarious.
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    So apparently I'm a Quora Partner now.

    I forgot I had a Quora account until today when I got this email: So BHW, what should I do with this?
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    What's your favorite affiliate network and why? Help me help you.

    I'm on the opposite end of the table from you guys, I'm looking to create an info product in a niche that should move units. To be honest, it's been kicking around in my dome since 2012, at this point I feel obligated to make it reality. I'm here to ask you, the pros of affiliate marketing...
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    Some interesting development regarding twitter censorship

    Apparently Twitter getting a little heavy handed. *EDIT* Because I haven't been a member long enough to post links, google "twitter adventures in censorship" and the PDF detailing the missing tweets will be the second item that shows up. Also a statement from Twitter: "Twitter spokesperson...