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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    Been grinding away. One of the sites picked up some traffic right off the bat and made a few sales. Trying to build on that at the moment. This is really a game of numbers. I'm thinking about 100 solid sites will needed to get where I want to be. Nothing to it but to do it I guess.
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    This is also an easy way to try out a niche or keyword. Little effort to figure out what converts and then build something worth keeping. Going to give that a shot.
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    Still a bit busy with other projects. Put a video together for one of the sites, will upload some time in the future.
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    I've been busy the last couple of days with the 9-5, but still slowly grinding away. Tried out a few services, and decided to use CMS commander. Appears to be pretty solid.
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    Thanks all for the comments. Wish you all the best of luck on your projects. Right now I'm testing out a few different methods of pulling in current amazon prices. I see several sites - ie thisiswhyimbroke - where they aren't doing this, but aren't getting hit by Amazon. Not sure if there is...
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    Spent some time testing some the wp-robot plugin on one of the sites. I'm not going to run an auto-blog, but I'll use this to help pull in some initial products. Lots of time spent making the sites look nice.
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Journey

    I'm starting out on a process to build several amazon affiliate (primarily) based sites to generate a monthly net of $5k as a relatively passive income. The threads from Danny1111 and Lbrown have been very helpful in framing some of the ideas. The initial plan is to build several sample sites...
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    [CASE STUDY] LBrown's Foolproof, Failproof and Free SEO for Newbs in Action

    I wanted to add that I've been trying out this as well. It can be a slog to create all of the related articles, but I found that if I just rant about things that they practically write themselves. At first I figured I can type faster, so avoided the suggestion to use Dragon Naturally...
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    Take advantage of Twitter ReTweets! Get over 500 ReTweets starting at $10. Great SEO Value

    Just ordered 200 retweets. Last 4 - 143P
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    Rush Hour Traffic 2 - Youtube Traffic Domination Service

    Could you please send a sample? Also, I may have missed it but can you use existing youtube videos along with the service vs. new videos you are creating?