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    The nature of the new Google Updates

    I have a little bit of trouble with one of my websites after the newer Google Updates (the March and April ones) and I'm hoping some of you more seasoned webmasters may be able to shed some light into the matter. As a bit of background, the website was created with white SEO in mind, so I have...
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    Stay away from Disqus

    I know that this may be well known by experienced webmasters, so this should be useful for people that just recently started a blog and want to make money with affiliate programs. To get to the point, DON'T USE DISQUS! I know that it may be tempting for a new website to have a easy way to allow...
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    Referral Link

    Hi! This is probably a dumb question (but hey, that's how you learn, right?), but is it normal that after you click through your affiliate link to any product on Amazon and then, inside Amazon, if you click on another product, another referral link to appear (such as ref=123, while yours is...
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    Amazon has lowered its commission rates, again!

    Since March 2017, you may have noticed that changed the commissions (for the worse,of course), so now you get a lower percentage. Since I have a website in the computer niche (I know, I know...), the percentage dropped from 4% to 2.5%, which I have already saw as a drop of about 30...
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    Is December the worst month for Amazon affiliates?!?!

    As the title suggests, this December is performing incredibly poor in comparison with any other month of this year (except July) and I have no idea what's going on. The traffic towards my website is stable and even slightly better, since I am adding new content on a regular basis. Also, I am...