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    As Facebook limited how many times you can post on pages

    Facebook is becoming a joke now, I only upload about 10 posts a day on my Facebook pages but I keep getting this message and can't upload. How can it be spam if I post every 1 - 2 hours?
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    Best way to earn money from pages

    I have so many pages but for nearly a year I make nothing, I've tried everything. I literally earn pennies from pop up ads, but I don't know any other way of earning. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
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    Facebook bans all my accounts when.....

    When one of my accounts gets a 30 day ban, so does all my other accounts. Is this a new thing?
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    Facebook keep banning me from uploading!!

    Getting stupid now. I was able to post for a couple of days then today I get banned. On my other account I can only upload one thing then bans me straight away. I can still go live on my pages but I can't upload content. Does anyone know why this keeps happening? I don't spam, I only upload...
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    What the hell is going on with Facebook?

    For ages now I've been getting a ban but I don't know what for. I will upload a photo or a video to my page and then I'll get this notification when I try to upload again...... I looked in my support inbox and I have no violations. The ban will last from 24 hours to about a month. Once I'm...
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    Anyone having problems with instream ads?

    Every time I upload a video and turn on ads it gets rejected straight away. No matter what video I upload. I've tried everything but the same thing happens. Who else as this problem?
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    20k websites visits daily and earn crap with adsense

    Literally make £1.00 if I'm lucky with adsense. Amy good alternatives out there that will actually make me any money? What's the point in me trying if I can't earn nothing. Adsense is a joke.
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    Adsense Alternatives

    Well I earn absolutely crap from my website with adsense. My traffic comes from Twitter and Facebook, I can't seem to find a good alternative to adsense that pays well.... It's becoming a joke now and feel like giving up. Anyone here know any good sites please?
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    How to earn with over a million followers

    All my Facebook pages have the limited originality violation, Facebook blocked my website with adsense even though the website is legit. Is there any other way to earn with my followers? My niche is humour and I know it's a hard niche to monetise but there has to be someway I can earn from them.
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    Website blocked

    I'm just wondering if Facebook permanently block websites or is it a 30 day ban?
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    Poor reach on 3 minute videos

    What the hell is up with Facebook? Creator studio is full of glitches and bugs and also videos are getting crap reach. I have a 155k fan page and I'm getting like 70 views on videos. Anyone else having issues?
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    Record a video of yourself to get account back not working

    Every time I try to record a video to get my account back I get this....
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    Google adsense ads now showing

    Hello I've had a hosted account for years and have adsense. I deleted ads a few years ago and now I'm trying to add ads back on my blogger website but the ads don't show. Does anyone know why?
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    Ads not showing on my blogger site

    Hello I've had a hosted account for years and have adsense. I deleted ads a few years ago and now I'm trying to add ads back on my blogger website but the ads don't show. Does anyone know why?
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    Is ezoic any good or what's a good alternative to adsense

    Hello there I have made a new website. I signed up to ezoic and I'm just wondering if they are any good? If not is there any good ones, just as good as adsense?
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    Your monetize application as been approved.

    There has to be someone on here who has the same issues as me??? I recently signed up my page for instream ads and I got a approved but no option for me to turn ads on at all and it says the page is unavailable even though they accepted me to monetize my videos! What's going on?? Does anyone...
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    What the hell is going on with instream ads???

    I was accepted for ads on a page yesterday, added my information etc but I have no ads!! Its happened to another page of mine months ago and still don't have any add, anyone else getting this? It's annoying!!!!
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    Just wondering if adcash is any good for my website
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    Alternative to Dailymotion?

    YouTube is too hard, Dailymotion pays poor for the views. Is there any alternatives to YouTube and Daily?
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    Who's noticed the boost on reach?

    Well maybe it's just my page but I had a violation about my reach being reduced but it's completely boosted my reach lol. I've never seen so much reach in years. I'm getting over 30k reach on most links. About 50k views on videos. My other pages are poor though it's just this one page, I don't...