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    Hey is there anyone with amazon seller account expirence?

    Hey, I am pretty new on amazon seller. I have been listing for few days issue is, in my channel pricing are shown fine, but in my's listing not showing any price so does I am not getting any sells. Please check screenshots.
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    Anyone knows Premium Rated SMS service?

    Hey, I am looking services that can provide me Premium Rated SMS Example: To get today's horoscope reply to this message with your star (Cancer, Capricorn etc) Rs.5 + tax will be charged. Something like that. I want this services specially for Pakistan. or international if its support in...
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    My First AliExpress Journey

    First I would like to thanks Yarosss for sharing his journey ( And now pardon me for my bad English as I am not native speaker. However About one month back I study yarosss journey...
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    [GIVEAWAY] 10 WordPress Plugin

    Thread Title Should be: [GIVEAWAY] 10 Custom WordPress Plugin Development (sorry my bad) Hey Fellows, First Pardon me for my bad English (not native :D ) I am Professional WordPress Plugin Developer with with Fiverr & PPH for 3 Years now. That's All about me let talk about Give Away...
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    Need PayPal VCC (Payment method only PayPal)

    Hey, fellows I need PayPal VCC (US Accounts) for now I can only go with PayPal as my payment method. Just PM me or skype me if you can go with PayPal method other please don't waste my and your time. Thanks!
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    Need bit info how to find if domain is panelize By Google

    Hey, First Pardon me for my bad English. Recent Month I bought 1 domain (.org) Add Fresh Content (via Freelancer) and did few backlinks, the keywords I was targeting have pretty low competition, and All is well from my point I have like 10x500 Words Unique Articles 5 of them used for targeted...
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    [Require] Android Developer (Work Together)

    Hey, First Little about me: I am Android Developer myself with 1.5 Years Development Experience and Have 7 Months old Developer Account 1 Active App (earn $0.5-5) each day with over 1.2K+ Installs. Why 1 app? Because of lack of ideas and time (because I am freelancer). What are my JV's...
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    Someone used AzHosty?

    Hey Folks, I was using AzHosty for few months it was good and reliable hosting but since couple of days it seems completely down, since there main site down as well I don't even create a support ticked and try to catch owner via G+, FB and twitter but its doesn't seems to response can someone...
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    Upload fake ID Proof and get rejected!

    Upload fake ID Proof and get rejected! Hey Folks, Couple of month ago I tried the same way upload a fake id and address proof and get verified but the country was Italy then. Yesterday I tried with Newyork I upload the Id and get reject with reason of wrong documentation. I am wondering if they...
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    How I can get Plastic Visa Card (Pakistan)

    Hey Folks, I am having quite hard time with Withdrawing through PayPal I have to hire Payment Processor and they have quite high fees structure, I so do some research and found I am able to withdraw from PayPal if I have Visa Card? I can order Visa Card from my local bank but if this work? as my...
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    [Giveaway] GRAPHICS MYSTIC SECRET TOOLKIT (1,441 Unique Graphics)

    Hey Guys I have found this great offer while surfing so want to share with you guys this package contain following products.  Squeeze Page Madness Bad-Ass Headlines V1 Headers Explosion Ultimate Minisite Templates + Bonus Juicy WSO Graphics+ Bonus Lead Generation Machines + Bonus...
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    Is now selling a website is good idea?

    Hey Folks, First let me tell you that I am not selling site here! Just want some advice... So basically few months before, I have posted about that I am making WordPress Plugin to get adult videos auto as specific timing. Now I have site with about 4000 videos, and I am earning about $0.10-0.25...
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    Delivery of Payoneer Debit Card (Pakistanis Only)

    Hey Folks, I have order payoneer card and waiting for arrival. If you have payoneer card can you let me know. How much time it took to delivered to you? And I want also know is every ATM support payoneer card? I mean can I withdraw it from any bank's ATM? is there any trouble or issue you want...
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    Need temporary private proxy!

    Hey Folks, I am working on Traffic sender bot. And Some how I am almost done with it. So I decide to test it. I fetch decent amount of proxies and sent traffics. Everything seems working fine. But later I have found that google analytics doesn't show traffic. But Wordpress Statepress plugin show...
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    JV with Person who hold private proxies about 1000+

    Hey, I am providing some services for traffic sending on Fiverr. It's going pretty well. But it has bad part when its come to proxies for sending traffic. So Basically I want the person who holds a decent amount of proxies which he/she use for the personal / marketing purpose. So I can share...
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    Best PPD for Adult Material + Pirated Stuffs?

    Hey Folks, I am wondering which is PPD site is good for Illegal Stuffs which can upload over offshore only? I have searched for PPD via search bar the results sites have pretty strict with DCMA Request and Adult material!
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    What Good Proxy Scraper have features?

    Hey Folks, I am working on proxy scraper. So As we know that this forum's members are pretty creative with new ideas. So let suggest some Ideas about features. For now following features added. Fetch Proxies from URLs Fetch From Google Check Proxies Remove duplicates. Timeout MultiThreading...
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    Failed with YouTube Commenting!

    Hey Folks, I saw many threads on youtube's earns by making top comments. So I decide to take a shot. I bought 10PVA accounts find decent videos for commenting I post comments, rate them up and make url to ClickBank's Sell page (redirect from my site). And this morning I see all of my comments...
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    New type of spamming, or black hat trick over facebook.

    Hey folks, Recently I was checking my scrape accounts to see if they are working or not. So one of my account I saw a message! Well, My bot set to auto accept friends request, So its accept her request. What did you think guyz what it could be? A new way or old type spam where you get this...
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    Get trouble with Fiverr's Customer!

    Hey Folks, I heard about fiverr success. So I decided to get started with it. And Offer 10K Facebook Likes. Yesterday a customer ordered 3 Gigs and he want to do it in 4 days (which I make as deadline per 10K) but now its 30K. I have a Windows VPS which running addmefast bot but it is not enough...